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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

HSBA Award Nomination Time

I don't blog for a month. Now twice in a day? I am not trying to make up for lost time. It's just when I started reading some blogs I realized we are right in the midst of one of my favorite times of year, HSBA Season. This is the 7th annual Home School Blog Awards at the Home School Post. I became aware of the awards 2 years ago when I found out I was nominated for Best Home School Dad award. Last year I was nominated in that category as well as funniest homeschool blog. (I know funny, I'm a clown fish). While I have not won an award yet, I enjoy finding out about other great homeschooling resources and being part of awarding excellence.

Because of my sabbatical I missed most of the nomination period. They end this Friday October 21st. You can nominate posts by clicking here. So if there are any good home school blogs you want to share with the home school community go ahead and nominate them.

Next Time: Don't Know Much About History- A Review


  1. I Really enjoyed your blog. I just bookmarked it. I am a regular visitor of your website I will share It with my friends .Thanks.

  2. Hi there!

    I am so sorry! I had already voted for another Dad Blog when I submitted my nomination form. :( I wish you success, though!

    By the way, just got your comment about wanting to interview me!! Thanks so much! I feel honored! If you'd just e-mail me at: miss.raquel316@gmail.com, we can talk over details.

    God bless!
    Oh, and thanks so much for having my link on your sidebar. :)
    ~Miss Raquel

  3. Nice post and it would be great for everyone, Thanks a lot for spreading this information here.


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