The wonder is that when we know God’s forgiveness is based upon the infinite value of Christ’s finished work, we can have peace of mind and knowledge of His love, even in the midst of our weakness and depression. And again, we all have depressions too; since the Fall, none of us are psychologically healthy or perfect morally. And I must say that depressions are very hard. This is not unknown to me; though most people do not know it, I have my own periods of depression which are very difficult. . . . I speak her not from theory but from experience — in the midst of our down times we can know that His arms are about us, and that He does not let us go when our hands are as weak as water. - Francis Schaffer

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Two Questions about Blogging Slump


I have not been posting very prolifically lately.  This is often because a) I don't have a lot of time to post or b) because when I have time, I can't think of a lot of good posting material. 

So here are my two questions that relate directly to this problem.

1) How do you bloggers carve out time in busy schedules to devote to posting?

2) What do you do when you have bloggers block?

Looking forward to the answers

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  1. Hi HSD ~~ I have several blogging friends who have totally abandoned their blogs and gone to FaceBook and sometimes Twitter. I think they would rather be more social and have less to worry about writing, real writing.

    1) How do you bloggers carve out time in busy schedules to devote to posting?
    Being retired this really isn't as much a problem to me as to others.
    My answer for those with this problem would be to budget the timing. Or the blogging down to two or three posts a week.
    2) What do you do when you have bloggers block?
    I go to a meme like this one. It forces a person to think of something to post that fits.
    My other 'main' blog is a Photo and Poem Place. Sometimes I just can't or don't feel like writing a nice or longer poem. So I write a short haiku or the like.

    I find it generally takes a group to get a lot of responses. Again, the meme's help with this.

    Also one must develop new blogging friends as the quite a few of the older ones will quit. And that takes time to comment on all of those blogs. But out of necessity one must keep on keeping on and write something that will hold their interest
    I rambled here, sorry. Jim

  2. I devote the morning hours to blogging, generally. It's easy since my son is in highschool and can handle his assignments on his own for the most part.

    Writer's block. Yep, I've been there many times. I participate in daily memes to keep my mind thinking about what to write about. Sometimes I won't know what kind of post I'll throw together until I sit in front of my computer. I just want to have fun doing this while doing my best to keep my mind active.

  3. Hi there. I don't think you are alone. Many of us often need motivation to blog, a reason that we can justify taking time away from our families or just time for ourselves.
    1) I do comments while I am watching a show or in between breaks, lunch. Actually- commenting is my weakest- I can't find enough time to do. I think my problem is holding back my feelings in a post. smiles. I haven't had much time to maintain since I went back to work full time in Oct., but I do what I can.
    2) Not posting often will give me writer's block. I get a little comfortable of not looking at my blog for a day or and it goes to two.
    Ah Ha, I know what can motivate you...Try downloading the Alexa Ranking bar, when you look at the bar the numbers will motivate you to keep it low. http://www.selfsagacity.com/2010/11/how-to-increase-alexa-ranking-and-how.html
    It has always motivated me.

  4. 1) I set aside some time a day ..normally when the baby is down for her 2hr afternoon nap to do my blogging. I leave my ideas in draft or write in it a schedule and work on it as and when I get time throughout the day.
    2) I also link up and do giveaways.. guest posting etc..so there is also content on my blog- taking part in memes is also a good way to be motivated.

  5. I don't really carve out time. I just blog. If I had a blog business and was making money from it, then I'd carve out work time.

    2. I leave it alone and visit other bloggers and just share my time until I feel it again :)

    Happy weekend!