The wonder is that when we know God’s forgiveness is based upon the infinite value of Christ’s finished work, we can have peace of mind and knowledge of His love, even in the midst of our weakness and depression. And again, we all have depressions too; since the Fall, none of us are psychologically healthy or perfect morally. And I must say that depressions are very hard. This is not unknown to me; though most people do not know it, I have my own periods of depression which are very difficult. . . . I speak her not from theory but from experience — in the midst of our down times we can know that His arms are about us, and that He does not let us go when our hands are as weak as water. - Francis Schaffer

Monday, January 21, 2013

New Year at CWF

We skipped the Fall 2012 semester of our co-op because of my job.  One of the first things I did once I quit my job was to sign up for the Spring Semester.  I am co teaching a class on Discovering America.  I will be teaching the States and Capitals portions.

Here is an idea that you can use in your classrooms tomorrow.  Ask your children to take turns naming states  as you write them down.  The first 25 are pretty easy but the next 25 may be difficult especially if you make sure there are no maps out.

I am also assisting in a pre-school class about animals and a high school class about storytelling in film.

Spider Droid is taking a street drumming class he is very excited about.  I am more excited about the Desserts, desserts, desserts class he is taking since he will be bringing those treats home along with the recipes.  That means more eating and less banging.

Puppy is taking a class called Heroes and Heroines.  Bunny Girl is an assistant in that class.  Today they studied Marie Curie.

Bunny Girl is taking a mural painting class.  This ambitious class will create a travelling mural as well as a mural to be made in the church that we use for our co-op.

I will be blogging more about these and other classes as the co-op continues through the end of April.

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  1. Painting murals is tuns of fun. I found one can purchase regular white house paint, and use tempera paints to mix the different colors they need.