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Monday, June 22, 2009

An open letter to the car behind me II

Warning: This article may contain sarcasm.

Dear Car Behind Me:

It happened again as it usually does on my first bike ride of the spring. It doesn't always happen the same exact way. This year, my wife dropped me off at the bike shop where my bike was being tuned up. I hit the bike trail for my first cycling of the year. Now I am not quite the cyclist I once was, but even in my heyday no one was confusing me with Lance Armstrong. Mainly because he was 6 in my hey day. For a 10 year period I cycled 100 or more miles a week. For the last 10-15 years I have biked less and less but for the past couple of years I have been getting back into it.

Now I am not one of these dangerous people. I wear a helmet, I mostly bike on trails and when I do bike on roads, I stay as close to the line as possible and when possible I bike on the shoulder. I use proper signalling techniques. I even stop at all stop signs which is uncommon for many cyclists. At 44, I can use all the rests I can get.

Yet that doesn't stop people like you from honking at me. When you honked at me I was no more than 2 inches off the line. Did you think a loud noise startling me from behind would be prone to keep me at a safe distance from you? If you ever have to take a field sobriety test ask the officer to blow an air horn halfway through your walk and see how you do.

Every year as energy and cost concerns increase, media outlets champion the idea of cycling to work. Who wants to bike to work while people are blaring their displeasure on us? Isn't that what awaits us on the job?

Please dear motorist, cyclists have a right to the road. During the cycling months you will just need to pay more special attention and pass us with caution. I mean, we're cyclists! You won't be behind us long.

Next Time: The Run Around Place

1 comment:

  1. Hey Dave!
    Here in Lyon where ur family is living short term, the cyclist is really embraced! You can even rent a bike anywhere in the city, return it to any one of their little cycle stop (pictured in my LATEST post) and go for a stroll... when needed, hit the NEXT very convenient bike rental and keep up your city tours... They have baskets on the front of them, to make your shopping trip a bit easier... It really is so nice to see so many bikes on the road! It would be great to see something like this in OUR area, especially considering WE live in FLAT land. I mean, really, lets be real, and how about more sidewalks going to the stores too? They sure make it hard to BE green...

    I promise, when I get back the states, I WON'T honk... unless there's a piece of paper stuck to your back that says too! :)


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