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Monday, June 29, 2009


Hero: Becoming the Man she Desires


Fred & Jasen Stoeker

I was given another book to review in the Library Thing Early Reviewer program. Click here to learn more about the program and read my previous review.

When I put my name on the hat for a copy of hero, I was unaware that this is the third book of a trilogy (Every Young Man's Battle and Tactics being the previous two). This book is thoroughly readable without reading the other two. I enjoyed this book so much that I am planning to read the first two later on this Summer.

In Hero the authors take a disheartening topic the failure of young men particularly Christian young men to be sexually pure and make an invigorating, hopeful but still immensely practical approach to male female relationships.

Fred Stoeker, His son Jasen, and his daughter in law Rose tell a story of victorious G rated living in a R/NC-17 world. Many books with multiple authors lose something in the transition. Not the case here, brief casual introductions make transitions as easy to follow as if they were merely microphone changes in a lecture hall.

Hero faces the cold hard facts that Christians particularly men are falling deep into lives filled with pornography, masturbation, and multiple partner sexual relations prior to and during marriage. Hero takes the life stand of Jasen Stoeker to not kiss a girl until he kissed his wife on his wedding day. The book basically begins with that kiss and then weaves it's message through the Stoeker family history of being statistics in the Playboy revolution to Fred's desire to make a change in that history and Jasen's stands for purity in Jr. high., high school and college along with Rose giving her back story and a needed feminine perspective.

I strongly recommend this book for all men but especially for fathers and single young men.

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  1. I love books on purity, and encouraging this very much forgotten virtue... I am however concerned with some in the "purity" movement... setting up "standards" that are a little bit of the Bible... AND... then somethings more....
    It sounds from your perspective that this has been avoided here... thoughts?

    Thanks for the book review! Perhaps I will check ths one out!

  2. Any "extra-biblical" standards in this book seem genuinely needed for achieving the biblical standards. I.E. avoidance of p.g. 13 movies and up because of the partial nudity in them. The book does not come with what I would call an agenda although I would be glad to hear other peoples takes on it.


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