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Friday, July 31, 2009

A weekend of longing

Trips are made for coming home.

My wife is gone this weekend. She left yesterday to spend a long weekend with a dear friend. They are celebrating 30 years of friendship (They met as sonograms). They are in Arkansas enjoying the Hot Springs. If this was a Jane Austen novel they would have awayed to Bath.

I think they call it a long weekend because how much I long for her. I am glad that she is able to spend time with a dear friend. They have been planning the trip for almost a year. I really like my Wife. There I said it. She is my best friend, and I miss her when she's gone. She misses me too at least that's what her texts say.

Don't get me wrong the kids and I are not gloomy Eyore's with a perpetual storm cloud lingering above. Today we had a play date with another home school family (Lucy's best friend) and celebrated the last day of National Ice Cream month by having fifty cent cones at Colonial Cafe. The carnival is back in town so we should hit that tomorrow. Still,we all miss Amy and we will all be super glad when she comes home.

I have often heard it said the best thing about going on a trip is coming home. Amy, I am so glad you have a loving family to come home to, and that we have you! Have a great trip and see you Sunday!
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  1. What a sweet post! I love to travel but I also love the coming home part of the trip. Especially if my husband and I did not travel together.

    Thanks for playing!

  2. I'm relieved to hear you are not gloomy Eyore's!!! I hope your wife reads this post; it is very sweet :-)

  3. A lot of people say the best part of a trip can be coming home lol

  4. Enjoy her homecoming :) Hope she had a great time.

  5. Coming home is definitely my favourite part of going on a trip.

  6. Visiting from SWS...

    Yep - I believe in that - absence makes the heart grow fonder...

  7. i LOVE Hot Springs Ar! and i so enjoy my weekends away to Eureka springs Ar...where are you? without sounding all stalkerish...

    You are a good hubby and dad to support your wife...my hubby would be all grumbly when i left

  8. Dave,
    You're a keeper! I'm very glad to be home, I missed you too!!
    Amy :)


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