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Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fool

Last time I shared some lyrics from one of my favorite lyricists, me. Now, I am a lyricist, a poet, I am no musician. One of my favorite musicians is Noel Paul Stookey. He is the Paul from Peter, Paul and Mary. I dig the singer, story teller types. When Amy and I got married my sisters performed his "The Wedding Song" as a processional.

One of his best songs to me will always be April Fool which he performed live on his 1982 album "Wait 'til you hear this!" with his band Body Works. It is one of those songs that is hard to misinterpret, It is obviously written to and about Jesus. Since April 1st falls on Holy Thursday this year I thought it would be a good time to share the lyrics for this song. You can down load the song at Amazon among other places

April Fool

Noel Stookey and Stu Davis
©1981 Neworld Media Music Publishers

April Fool
You wear your heart on your sleeve
And though they laugh when they leave
You call it Love and I believe (you)

April Fool
Why must you always play the clown?
You have the edge you laid it down
You give it up without a sound...

Oh April Fool
How can they say "love is cruel"?
They catch the ring but drop the jewel.
Like a teardrop in a pool...

April Fool
As the heart shows through the eyes
Before you were born you were recognized
And unto the losers comes their Prize.

Oh April Fool
Even as the hands were washed, you knew
We'd free the thief instead of you

April Fool
You said the Father was in You
You said we know not what we do
Forgive us...April Fool.

Next Time: 6 Words or so

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