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Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Father's Day Hero

Not all Father's Day heroes are fathers. Take for example, my BIL Mike. Mike is a couple years younger than me. (If you don't know how old I am, I'm a couple years older than Mike.) As long as I've known Mike, he's been working on his novel. Like many aspiring novelists, Mike has had internal and external road blocks detouring his path to Novelist Extraordinaire. I am not sure if Mike realizes that his journey through the roadblocks might just be the story he's been looking for all this while.

A few years ago, Mike's father's (my FIL) health took a serious nose dive. Mike stopped all he was doing and moved back in with his parents and supervised his father's care. Now, while my FIL and MIL have both worked very hard in their own right on Donn's road to recovery, Mike has been tirelessly involved behind the scenes. He takes Donn to his appointments, spearheads his physical therapy, and supervises his diet and medication. Mike has essentially willed his Dad back on the road to health amid the obstacles.

I also consider the bravery of Mike. When he realized that he was taking care of his Dad's health at the risk of his own, he devised a plan to both care for his Dad and achieve victory in his own personal life. Mike is my Father's Day hero because he has dedicated this time in his life to making every day Father's Day for Donn.

P.S. Families Again is hosting a special Father's Day inspired Men's Monday Meme. The Question this week was:

Who is/was the most influential man in your life? Tell us about him?

I am not participating as such, if you are interested in participating click here.


  1. Thanks for participating Dave. Your blog was perfect for what I was looking for. Mike may not be the most influential man in your life but, like you said, he is a hero. Give him a pat on the back for me as well.

    Tim @ Families Again

  2. Mike sounds like a stand up kinda guy :-) I bet it can be very draining physically and emotionally and yet he is there ensuring that his dad is well taken care of.


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