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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Skills Round Up

Six weeks left until school starts!

Howdy Homeschool Pardners! How are your doggies getting along now that summer's breaking at your home school on the range?

Well lissen up cowpokes. I want to tell ya something we use during the summer to make sure we don't have any strays when we start driving facts and figures in the fall.

It's called Skills Round Up and it works for us. But lissen up City Slickers, how ya say it. It is not pronounced skills round-up. It's skeeeeeeeeeels round up. Plus when ya say it, you have to motion with your hands like your throwin' a lasso. That is, if you don't have your own lasso to throw.

Okay, Buckaroos here's whatcha do! Perty much once a week during the summer, gather up at the table and review some of the stuff you've learned in the past. Amy likes to put 'em through their paces in state capitols, continents and Bible verses. You can do it with just 'bout anything from historic dates to the periodic table. I think they call it the periodic table cause you have to review it periodically.

The nice thing about skills round up is you can do it any time, anywhere. In the back 40, in the van, in the store, anywhere! All the prep work is on the parents end (Amy can never remember that French fella that's the capitol of South Dakota.)

So, the next time things are slowing down on the home school ranch, mosey up to your tool kit and pull out your lasso and skeeeeeeeeels round up!

Howdy WFMW folks. Skeels rounds up works for me. It can work for you whether you home school or not. To find out what else is working. head over to We Are That Family.
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Next Time: Tennis Anyone?


  1. there's plenty of people around these parts who say skeeeeeels - not kidding :D

    Mosey on over cowpoke and take a peek at the latest Project Cheeseball - I always think of you being the inaugural cheeseball winner whenever I post one :-)

  2. Need to do some skeeeeeels round up here. We haven't schooled in a month and a half. We only have another couple of weeks though and back to the books... :D

  3. I do that with my son when we're in the car. I don't call it anything fancy though. Maybe if I get it your fancy name he won't think I'm quite as annoying :)


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