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Friday, August 6, 2010

A prelude to dismiss

http://www.showmyface.com/ is the home of Six Word Saturday.

My Six words: My wife doesn't read any prologues.

My wife is an avid reader. But she doesn't read forewords or prologues. I used to think this was just true about non-fiction as some forewords and prologues can be kind of dry. But I recently found out this is for fiction books as well. I on the other handCheck Spelling read all forewords, dedications, introductions, prefaces, prologues. I mean I usually read the Library of Congress catalog information.

I am currently reading an excellent book, The Time Traveller's Wife and she is rereading her favorite Grisham, The Last Juror. Both books start out like gangbusters. Chapter 1 of The Last Juror is ostensibly a prologue. The action of the book begins in Chapter 2. Chapter 1 just tells the history of the town newspaper. If Grisham would have called it a prologue, Amy would have missed the colorful back story. The preface of The Time Travellers wife really enticed me into the book. It did a great job of starting to flesh out the characters in present time. Present time is a rare commodity in this book, so it literally was a calm before the storm. I want Amy to read the book, but she won't even read recommended prologues.

So, if you are writing a book and want my wife to read it. You can either title the prologue chapter 1 or just say mean things about her in the prologue. She will never find out.

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  1. I love to read, and always read the prologues! Happy six word Saturday :)

  2. Hi again!

    My 64U:
    Hope she doesn't read my novel!

    Let me explain! It has a Prologue essential to the plot development but containing nothing, I assure you, about yr wife! It's sold extremely well in the US as well as the UK (all profits to Cudeca charity here in Andalucia!)

    Have a great Six Word Saturday,


    PS Mine this time is HERE. Hope you can stop by.


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