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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

15 minutes to spare

The main reason why I have stopped blogging for the next few months is time, specifically my lack of it. I still get 168 hours a week, like everyone else. I just don't have any extra time for non-essentials. I may have time to do a 1/2 way job on my posts, but not enough time to make the posts as good as I want them. So taking a hiatus seemed the best choice.

Well today due to a schedule glitch, I see that I have an extra 15 minutes at the library and time to produce a post. As you see how little I write in 15 minutes you will see why blogging takes up so much of my time: I do it slowly.

School started 2 weeks ago and has been going pretty well. The past few days I have been in excruciating pain with a recurring neck injury. So, we haven't got as much accomplished as I would hope. Puppy is in kindergarten and I am trying to keep her active while working with Spider Droid and Bunny.

We are in the midst of what we call birthday season. Bunny turned 12 over the weekend. Amy and I have birthdays this month as well. Our co-op begins next week and the kids new classes seem really cool. Awana started today. And Spider Droid's soccer games start Saturday. I am working a full time temp job 2nd shift for the next 13 weeks. Add homeschool and church and you have a busy life with no time for blogging.

And that's 15 minutes!


  1. Ah! First time homeschooling all three. I understand the problem now. Been there, done that! I know how tricky it can be.


    If writing is important to you, I think you owe it to yourself to at least spend a few minutes with it each day, even if that means switching to manual (paper and pen) and writing haikus. You will be a better homeschooler if you are not depriving yourself of your interest! (I've also been there and done that.)

    Peace and Laughter!


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