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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Comparison Shopping during the Holidays

Christmas time is a great time for catching up with people you haven't seen for a while.  This is done through family get-togethers, parties and Christmas cards.  Sometimes after reading other people's Christmas  letters, I get a feeling of paling in comparison.  Earlier this week after reading about how great some of my relatives lives are going I became noticeably melancholy.

At least noticeable to my wife, who spent a few minutes working  at the computer and then handed me a sheet of paper.  The sheet had all the things our family had done in  2011 written on it.  At first I didn't know why she had done it.  It seemed too late to be thinking about sending out a Christmas letter of our own. 

So I asked her why she had done it.She said to remind you of all the great things we have accomplished this year under your leadership.  I have that list on my computer's hard drive now and will pull it up the next time a Christmas greeting has me questioning my worth.

I am so thankful for a wife who will stop what she is doing just to pick up my spirits.


  1. That's really great that your wife did that for you. I go through the same comparison and struggle with it a lot. Just tonight I was praying and telling God how I'm having a very hard time being content in all situations, especially today. I don't know why today seems harder than other days, but for today it is harder. I hope you continue to keep your list handy; I'm sure it will help you from time to time.

  2. Nice! You got a loving wife and you, on the other hand, is supportive and loving as well.


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