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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Don't wait a few days

September is blogger's month at Compassion.  They are pulling out all the stops to have their compassion bloggers talk about a simple way we can help children in poverty.

Starting next week, I will be writing one post each week about Compassion.  I am going to do this, even though I am extremely busy (2 full time jobs and  taking1 class).  I will do this for 2 reasons 1: The ministry of Compassion International is  important to me.  Compassion saves lives by providing needed food , health, and educational opportunities.  They also transform lives by sharing the Gospel of Jesus through word and deed.

2: The Compassion blogger whose blog generates the most sponsorships  in the month of September will go on a 2013   blogging trip (Bloggers go to compassion countries and blog from the field) at Compassion's expense.  I want that to be me.   

Going on a trip like that, is not within our families  financial abilities and probably will not be for some time.   It would be the trip of a lifetime for a ministry that I heartily endorse.
With that said, If you are interested in saving a child's physical life and providing opportunity for spiritual transformation, sponsor a child from Compassion today!!!!!

Don't wait until September.  Don't think  about me and my little dreams.  Think about Sukatra from Bangladesh who has been waiting for 209 days for a sponsor. Think out Wendtoin who is turning 4 today, who lives in an AIDS area of  Burkina Faso.   She also has been waiting 209 days for a sponsor.  Think about the many children that Compassion cannot help until the ones they are helping have sponsors.
Click here to sponsor a child today. You can even sponsor the children I mentioned.   If I didn't convince you today, I will be back next month to try again.

If you are a blogger, interested in participating in blogging month check out this link so you can participate as well.

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