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Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Six Word Saturday in Question

It's Saturday (well it's actually very late on Friday but by the time I am done writing this, it will be Saturday.) and time once again for Six Word Saturday at Show My Face Dot Com.  I have decided to use my six words to ask you readers a question.

Here goes .. .

Do you ever break into song?

The other day we learned that a   friend of ours told his wife that he doesn't believe that people ever actually break into song.  My wife quickly  replied that at our house it happens all the time.  Neither Amy nor
 myself will ever be confused with champion crooners.  I can carry a tune in a bucket, but I generally have a better use for the bucket, so the tune suffers.  This doesn't stop us or the kids from spontaneously combusting a tune on a frequent basis.

I grew up in a family that  would break into song at the drop of hat.  When my musical talent was discovered 
it was discovered I had no musical talent, they just made sure that no hats were dropped near me.  In the family we are raising our children , the hats fall with abandon.  We make up songs, make up new lyrics to old songs or just sing it the regular way.

So my question in an I like New York in June fashion, is
how about you?

What are your thought about breaking into song and entering into melody?

To answer my Six Word Inquiry, leave a comment.  To See More Six word entries click here.


  1. All the time, even in mid conversation if something prompts me. My friends talk about me behind my back! I don't care.

  2. I do :-) I 'always' get the words muddled up and the boys yell out 'muuuuuum' but I don't care and I still carry on!

  3. We all do it in our house! My husband is the worst - any little line that sounds a bit like a song, and he's off. Usually with the wrong lyrics :)

  4. Oh yeah. Wherever. For no apparent outside stimulus. Worse: like many, I have a constantly-playing mental soundtrack (my friend refers to this as "earworms) of almost any even semi-catchy tune to which I'm exposed.

  5. We frequently break into song around here. My 6 year old loves to make up lyrics to his yet undiscovered tunes.

  6. My husband and I do all the time. Our three-year-old daughter sings her answers to questions, making up the lyrics as she goes. :)

  7. I often have songs going in my head! I don't think I break into song aloud though. :)

  8. I sing a lot in the car - it leads to some awkward moments.

  9. definitely! Especially those silly kid songs!

  10. yes I do! Out of no where will come snippets of a song...like here: http://katheworsley.blogspot.com/2013/01/zippity-do-dah.html

  11. Absolutely we break into song and sometimes we dance as well.

  12. We are a house full of hat droppin' singers! ;)

  13. We do all the time- and I can't carry a tune as well as most- but we do get or special ones down well! We even are known to break into dance (even at the mall just yesterday) give us a large block of decorative squares and let us go wild! Singing and dancing is a way to soothe the weary little souls too!

  14. we all do too:) the songs seem to come into our heads out of nowhere and then out of our mouths.. and we have to dance too then in tune with the song.


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