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Sunday, January 11, 2015

New Year? 12 New to me movies.

Every year I set a goal to watch 12 movies I have not seen before.  I like movies and often watch the same ones over and over.  So I try to watch movies from time to time that I have not seen.  As many of you know there are 12 months in a year.  I decided to maybe try and add a new movie to watch each month for a year.  I may have accomplished this goal in the past, but I have always failed to chronicle it.  So, this year, I am going to write a post each month about the "new" movie I have seen.

Let me explain the parameters I have placed upon myself.  When I say new movies, I do not mean 12 2015 movies at the theater.  I mean 12 movies no matter how old or young they are.  Well not exactly because since I believe myself to be fairly well rounded, I want to see movies that I have not seen before from differing eras.

Here is how I am doing it: Since I am turning 51 this year, I have lived in all or parts of 52 calendar years.  52 divided by 4 is 13. I am dividing it only by 4 because, I am a big believer in watching movies older than me.  I have divided  the eras in 6 13 year periods, 4 spanning my life time and 2 predating my life time.  I will attempt to watch 2 movies from each era, and report back here each month with a review

The Eras are
2003 through 2015
1990 through 2002
1977 through 1989
1964 through 1976
1951 through 1963
Anything prior to 1950 (The main era would be 1938 to 1950, but this gives me  the freedom to watch movies even older than that)

Over the weekend I watched  a movie called Boyhood.  It came out in 2014 and will be my January selection.  The review should come out some time this week. I am thinking of the Big Broadcast (1932) for the February installment.

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