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Saturday, March 28, 2015

IMago Film Festival 2015 drawing to a close

Last year I watched the movie Ragamuffin.  It was awesome.  It was definitely worth all the hype.  I must admit the best thing personally that came out of my ragamuffin experience was my discovery of the Imago Film Festival.  I went to see Ragamuffin at a showing at Judson College and while I was there I first heard of Imago, a film festival run by Judson, now in its eleventh year.  I went to several
nights last year including the awards ceremony.  I loved it so much that I bought a seasons pass this year and have been to each and every event over the past 5 nights.  After I finish this post I am off to the awards ceremony for year 11.  Over the next few weeks, I will give you a night by night rundown of the event for right now let's talk about what Imago is.  I took this from the imago website ...


The Imago Film Festival showcases independent film that deals with faith issues, emphasizing image and story.

The festival films capture the full spectrum of human emotion, experience, and spirituality.

The festival shows all the movies entered in the competition and gives out 4 awards: 1 for best film in show, 2 first places one for the best 16-30 minute film and one for the best under 16 minute film, and then the audience choice.  There is  a total of $2000.00 in prizes for the filmmakers up for grabs.

Besides screenings the 18 films in competition, there are interviews with filmmakers, actors, and even a lifetime achievement award.  Last year the winner of the first ever mago lifetime achievement award was Martin Sheen.  I am looking forward to finding out who nabs it tonight.

I have totally loved my experience at the past 2 festivals.  Judson is practically in my back yard and there are few places I enjoy more that a college campus or a film festival.  Sure it seems like I am the only community member not affiliated with an individual film most nights.  Sure I used to have more people at my house when I was in high school to watch videos than the amount of people in the theatre  on a given night, and none of my friends were getting chapel credit. But as I tell my kids when they won't try food that I love, more for me.  Gotta jet, my inner Siskel beckons.

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