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Monday, March 30, 2015

One Thing You Can do for the kid who sabotages family time - Post of the week #2

On 2/23 I shared the inaugural post of the week.  The idea for post of the week was for each Monday to share a post from my blogroll ,that I had read over the past  week and found interesting, inspiring, or some other positive adjective that begins with the letter I.

well 3-2 was the next Monday and I looked for a post of the week and got distracted and never put one up,  3-9, 3-16 and 3-23 came and went and I didn't even think about a post of the week. Now, here we are 5 weeks removed form the innaugural post and I am finally getting around to sharing a post of the week.  This comes from one of the best blogs in the free world (There are hundreds of better blogs in North Korea), We Are That Family.  The post The One Thing You Can Do for The Kid Who Sabotages Family Time. is a great idea, I am not sure if it will work for our sabotagical (I just made up that word if you did not realize it)  kid.  But it is the best idea yet that does not include shipping said kid to Siberia.

I hope to return next week with Post of  the week #3. If I don't I am going to seriously consider a name change to post of the month.

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