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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Giving September it's due and avoiding plagarism

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Tonight's Episode: 7 Word September

NEWSFLASH: September is the ninth month of the year. September is the ninth We're all cool with that, right? Well, if September is the ninth month, why does the prefix Sept mean seventh? November has the proper prefix for ninth and it's the eleventh month. What's with that?

Well, September would be the seventh month, if it weren't for the Cesarean section of the calendar. July and August are name for those great rulers of old, Julius and Augustus Caesar.

Imagine you're on the month naming committee. You have 10 perfectly good names for months already; the last 4 actually mean the seventh through tenth months, respectively. Then the Emperor's people come in and say, "Hey! Don't forget about Julie and Augie. We need months for them too you know!

So, what do you do? The only way to keep the numbered months in their correct place is to put July and August at the end of the year. That doesn't work with the Emperor's people. Who wants to have a July pool party when it's 40 degrees out and all the leaves are off the ground and in the pool?

September through December don't mean what they're supposed to mean and every body's okay with that?!? I for one don't plan to sit idly by while September gets shafted. Here's what I'm doing about it:

All this month I will have September embrace it's seveness by titling all my posts with exactly seven words. I got the idea from Cate at Show My Face dot com. Each Saturday she hosts SIX WORD SATURDAY, where people sum up their lives in six words and then write 3-400 more to explain their six.

I was a little concerned about running with this idea for fear of stepping on her toes. I talked to her about it and she says her toes don't mind. I even have a special 7 word September/ Six Word Saturday tie in planned. Tune in Saturdays to see what I have cooking.

If you're not into minutiae, skip ahead to the next paragraph. As you may have observed, I end all my posts with a blurb about what is coming in the next post. I usually just write the title of the upcoming article. For September I will just say the upcoming subject. That way, no one will know the seven word title until the actual post, That's me, Mr. Suspense Builder.

Welcome back non minutiae people. If anyone, minutiae likers or not, would like to give September it's due you can try ant of the following:

  • Title all your blog posts with seven words
  • Give $7.00 to each of your followers
  • Give away a copy of 7 brides for 7 brothers
  • Start a petition to have 7-up produce a September 7 pack.

Next Time: WFMW Themed Edition

1 comment:

  1. Unfortunately I will be rather late making the rounds on this particular Saturday but have fun! My words of advice as you start your month - don't go nuts recounting your words. I do it every Saturday. Who knew it could be so hard to count to six or seven? Maybe we can blame that on the Ceasars as well!


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