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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Here we go: Three Things This Thursday

Greetings. I announced last week that we would officially be kicking off Three Things This Thursday at it's new home today. This is in fact today, so let's get started shall we:

1. Passing the torch.
Michelle at Psalm 104:24 had been running this wonderful event up until this past spring. She has been busy and has asked me to take it over. The basic premise is you write about 3 things (or 3 aspects of the same thing) and link them to my post. I will be putting up my post no later than 9 am central every Thursday.
There needs to be no rhyme or reason to your entries. I will be having a themed edition the 3rd week of each month. However, you do not need to meet the theme to participate. Tell everyone and anyone about this event, the more the merrier!

2. I am a former t.v. addict. When I was a kid it was very common for me to have the entire weekly t.v. schedule memorized. So, even though the only episodic t.v. that I watch is now through d.v.d.'s or over the Internet, I still get pretty psyched this time of year during the new Fall season. Most Thursday's I will make some television comment. This week I would like to say that I enjoyed last week's premier of Community on NBC. Carma over at Carma Sez panned the FIRST EPISODE. I can't say that I disagree with the points she made. But overall, I still liked it. I am not sure if this is because started my college experience at a Junior College or if it is because I am a big fan of Chevy Chase or maybe a little of both. The first episode had (for me) a laugh out loud moment when out of the middle of nowhere there was a zany reference to the Breakfast Club.

3. Last week I started going to a men's meeting at my church called Men's fraternity. It meets from 6 a.m to 7:30 each Wednesday morning. So far, I am quite enjoying it. It may also become common place for me to share snippets of what I am learning at Men's Fraternity here on Thursdays.

So there it is. A quick inaugural session of 3TTT here at it's new home. Please be sure to participate. Thanks again to Michelle for starting this up and I look forward to her participation here at Home School Dad.

Next Time: Pennies Winner.


  1. Three things...

    This is our second week since trash day moved from Friday morning to Thursday morning. After 4 1/2 years, the adjustment is harder to make than I imagined. I have to change my routine, remembering to tell the 12-year-old to take the trash to the curb on Wednesday night rather than on Thursday night. That is why we had children, isn't it? My middle child, also a boy, is celebrating his seventh birthday today. He spent all day yesterday telling anyone who would listen that it was his very last day of being six years old! My youngest child, a girl, is celebrating an anniversary today. Five years ago today she suffered a heart attack and a stroke, the start of sixty very long days and nights in the hospital. Now an energetic five year old girl, she is living proof that God answers prayers and still works miracles in the lives of His people. It's an undeserved blessing, but a blessing none-the-less. Those are my three things this Thursday, with my children as the theme.

  2. Hey there Dave! My post is up! And thanks for taking over 3TTT.....so happy to pass the torch to you! I know you will be a FAB-U-LOUS host....well, because you rock (and do your own stunts, which is impressive)

    Have fun!

  3. Hey I just found your blog and really like it! I'll be following ya! Keep up the great work!



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