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Saturday, January 23, 2010


Poetry appreciated. Poetry demonstrated. Poetry Lucified.

We have been studying poetry in school for the past few weeks. Today I had Emma blog about two of her favorite poets who coincidentally have written several poems about bunnies. You can see her post by clicking here.

Charlie and I worked for a while to write a poem and finally since many of the poems we have been studying have been accompanied by illustrations. Charlie wrote and illustrated a poem about winter.

I like to ski. Wheeeeee!

Lucy really wanted to write a poem about flowers. So I had her dictate one to me.

Flowers are pretty

They're very nice

I picked them for my Momma

Flowers are beautiful

The pink and purple and red ones

and green ones and black ones and yellows ones

and roses and green ones

and orange ones and . . .

Now, she probably had a few dozen more lines to recite when I interrupted her by saying that's a nice poem let's draw a picture of a flower. Her response: I'm not good at drawing flowers let's draw a horse.

Then she decided that she wanted to draw a unicorn instead of a horse. I want to say that she wanted to draw a unicorn because I had read Shel Silversteins's "The Unicorn" earlier that day. But Lucy's motivations are generally much more random than that. Here is said picture . . .

Those are my six words for today. Head over to Show My Face dot com to play along at home.

Before you do, I want to share a small poem I wrote today inspired by Charlie. I had asked him to write a poem about winter and he was getting frustrated and being silly at the same time. He said something like: Winter winter Winter winter. I don't like winter.

I decided to write a poem from the perspective of a second grader assigned to write a poem about winter and does not want to.

Winter. Winter. Winter. Winter.
Winter is no fun.
Winter. Winter. Winter Winter.
Now my poem's done.
I say it's done
but Dad say no.
Who wants to write
when you can play in the snow?
Sledding, Skiing, snow ball fighting.
Winter's really quite inviting.
It's fun outside and in the home
but do I have to write a poem?!!!
Winter. Winter. Winter. Winter.
Now, my poem's done!

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  1. Poetry was never fun in school for me, but it seems like your kids are very creative!

  2. ~for the LOVE of words...i adore poetry...thank you so for sharing your little ones work...such beauty...brightest blessings~

  3. poetry is something that our family has a love/hate relationship with . Some of my children love them and others can not stand it

  4. I love poetry, but I can't rhyme for anything!

    My Six Words

  5. Writing poetry can be great fun!

    A six word response from the

  6. agree with dr john...great fun!

  7. I love seeing all three poems from your family. And that's one nice unicorn!

    Thanks for playing 6WS!


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