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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Best and worst of 7 word September

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Tonight's Episode: 7 Word September

September is a big and busy month in our family. Big because Amy, Bunny Girl and I all celebrate birthdays in September. Busy for the same reasons and also when you throw in a new school year, soccer season and Awana into the mix. Last year on kind of a whim I decided to title all my September Blog Posts with exactly 7 words. This was first of all as an homage to Six Word Saturday at Show My Face dot com and also because September has the prefix for 7 in it's name. This often gets missed as it is the ninth month of the year.

As this month as passed by I noticed something in the minutia of meaningless statistics. If you did not know this about me, I brake for the minutia of meaningless statistics. According to my blog archive, I published less posts in September 2009 than I did in any other month that year. With today's post I have published more posts in September of this year than any other month so far in 2010. The most of posts, the least of posts, not quite Dickens, but it's something.

If you noticed 7 Word September, I hope you enjoyed it. If you didn't, I hope you at least liked the posts.

Next Time: My Son the action hero

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