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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Blogging The Days of the Week Part II

Three Things This Thursday (3TTT) was once hands down my favorite meme in blog world. Then, I took it over. Michelle of Psalm 104:24 used to run it. In the summer of 2009 she asked me to take it over which I gladly did. It quickly went from being a labor of love to just labor. I made some changes to it but I never liked it as much as when Michelle was running it. After about a 3 month absence, today will be the final installment of 3TTT. Since it's the final installment I'll make it a very special triple edition.

3 Things I liked about 3TTT
  1. It was really easy to participate, as I didn't have to have any special theme.
  2. By writing about 3 things I could actually put 3 posts worth in one post.
  3. It gave me the ability to blog about things I would not normally.

3 Things I did not like about 3TTT

  1. I lost that loving feeling for it. It felt more like work than fun.
  2. Very few people participated in it.
  3. It cramped my style. Having a meme to write every week or every fortnight got in the way of writing the rest of my blog.

3 Things I learned from 3TTT

  1. Passion without purpose can become a drudgery.
  2. For now, I am a better meme participant than host.
  3. It's okay to stop doing something without considering yourself a failure.

Next Time: Bloggging the days of the week Part III.

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