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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Blogging The Days of the Week Part I

As many of you know I counting down the top 25 labels of this blogs first 300 posts for some time now. I was looking over the top 5 labels, I noticed a bit of a trend at the top. Labels 3,4, & 5 are all memes. Not only are they all memes, they all have a day of their week in their title. In quick fire fashion I will tell you what I like and or liked about these meme's in 3 quick posts today.

# 5 WFMW

Before I blogged my wife used to tell me about Works For Me Wednesday(WFMW). At that time it was hosted at Rocks in my Dryer. There were some pretty good ideas there on how to save , time, money, brain cells and other substances we only have a finite amount of. When I started blogging, I fell in love with the format and became a regular even when it switched to it's new home at We Are That Family.

My posts differed from many of the other posts shared at WFMW as the things that worked for me were mostly ideas and experiences rather than household hints. I posted about How Libraries, Song Parodies, and even WFMW itself worked for me. Even though my posts were more unconventional I benefited from the more traditional posts being shared at WFMW and I even wrote a post about them.

At one point I had 4- 5 months of WFMW post ideas stored in my handy dandy notebook. Last fall due to a scheduling conflict, I began to post less and less there. I still have the occasional idea that I think will work for the WFMW crowd. I hop there from time to time just to see if there's a new way to clean a sink using only paper clips or other intriguing ideas. WFMW still works for me, just not as often.

Next Time: Blogging the days of the week Part II

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