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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Heart is for Loving Mommy.

At Puppy's art station today I had her make a few pieces of art work.

As I looked over the first one I asked her to describe it for me.

"This is me." she said as she pointed to the purple person in the middle of a page. She then pointed to the figure inside the heart. "That's a bunny." she said. She told me a little more about other parts of the picture and ended with a flourish by saying "The heart is for loving Mom."

It was such a cute interaction that I snapped some pictures and abandoned my planned post for today just to share this little puppyism with you guys.

Sometimes, (on my "low self-image days") {I'll mail a dollar to the first commenter, besides my wife, who can tell me what movie the quote in parentheses comes from} when my children tell me how much they love their Mom, I wonder why they don't say they love me. On this occasion, however, I felt glad that my children re discovering what I've known for years. My heart is for loving you babe, and you Puppy, and you Spider Droid, and you also Bunny.

Next Time: United + Guitars times three.

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  1. Don't forget when you used to go out to work, and I stayed home, Lucy would beg to go to work with you. She would say, "I want to go with my best friend dad!" We would try to convince her that there were no toys or anything fun at work, but she wasn't buying it. She wanted to be with YOU because she loves you and you were leaving.


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