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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pennies from Heaven

P as in Penny

I  spent most of the day cleaning out my parents' attic.  They, mostly my Dad, want to reduce the clutter that can accumulate with 45 years at the same address.  With the help of Spider Droid I got everything out of the attic and into a spare room. 

There were plenty of memories and reminders in the attic and while there was some junk, it was definitely not like an episode of hoarders.

Halfway through the job, I found a c.d. boom box box.  It was so heavy, I thought it might still contain the c.d. player.  It was actually my brother Keith's coin collection.  It had been brought back to my folks' house shortly after he died 3 years ago this month.    As a rule,I didn't spend a lot of time going through all of the boxes.  Otherwise I'd probably still be over there.  I did spend 20 minutes or so looking through Keith's coins.  He really had a  pretty nice collection, buffalo nickels, Indian pennies, even a 2 cent coin from 1868.  Many coin books filled or partially filled.  Then I came to two bags of loose coins.  The first one was clearly marked foreign coins and the second was written in his unmistakable and almost illegible chicken scratch, Robert David Roller, his 11 year old son, who was 8 when Keith died and 5 when sickness made extened hospital stays a big chunk of his final years.  In those last years coin collecting seemed to have been put on hold.

That meant then when Bobby was very young, Keith purposed to share his passion of coin collecting and his collection itself with his son.

Seeing my nephew's name scrawled on that huge bag of coins,helped me completely form an idea that had been floating in my head.  I could prepare those coins in Keith's collection and give them as a gift to Bobby from Keith.  So, I took the coins home and am planning on doing just that. 


  1. Yes, it sounds like a sweet idea. Pennies from Heaven indeed!

    J.C. Martin
    A to Z Blogger

  2. All of my kids have coin collections that their grandparents gave them...that they never look at. :(

  3. Lovely. But you should check out those other boxes, too...you never know what you might find.

  4. That is a great Uncle thing to do and a nice tribute to your brother.


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