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Thursday, July 5, 2012

2 questions for the 4th of July


It has been quite a while since I participated in Thursday 2 questions at Self Sagacity. My independence day activities have given me few questions to ask.

Question 1: When is the last time you marched/walked in a parade? If you have never marched in one, when is the last time you went to a parade?

I marched in a local parade today and actually had 3 separate invitations to participate. 2 political candidates (one a homeschooling father, who I will be featuring in a future post) needed marchers but I ended up marching with Spider Droid and his robotics team.

This cyclist was in the group behind us. Right before the parade started his horn sprung a leak. Some of the robotics kids gave him a few I love robotics stickers and he patched up his horn easily. That was honking cool.

I asked myself question 1 on my way to the parade. As far as I could recall, before today the last time I walked in a parade was in a 4th of July parade in 1990 in Macomb, Illinois during my time at university there. What was unique about that experience was that a Christian group that was marching in the parade needed someone to carry a full size cross in the parade route. I remember this having a powerful spiritual impact on me, as I was able to reflect on how Jesus carried the cross in preparation for paying for my sins through his death and resurrection.

Question 2: What is your favorite part of the 4th of July holiday?

For me it is going to see the fireworks. It's not exactly the fireworks themselves, which were fantastic this year. It is actually tossing a ball or a Frisbee with Amy or the kids prior to the fireworks. Just a simple act of familial affection in a sea of patriotism and excess make me realize how much I "depend" on my family.
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  1. The last time I marched in a parade was when I was in junior high school. I was in a Majorette in the school's band.

    My favorite part of the 4th is the fireworks. Its just a joyous way to mark the birth of our nation. God bless the USA!

  2. Hello there, long time no hear. Hope all is well with you and your family. Glad to see some fun and holiday spirit.
    July 4th now for me has become a tradition with SO's family. For some years now, they have been out from the east coast and stay for a week or so with family members in CA. I've joined them now for two of those years. This year, they got me for a whole week - 7 1/2 days to be exact!
    Anyhow, we have done all kinds of stuff, on the move everyday. July 4th, we saw a Parade. I honestly think parades are more fun for the members marching in them. I really love to see floats, especially in Mardi Gras - they are very creative. July 4th parade reminded me of New Orleans and Fat Tuesday- haven't been to one since 1989, I would love to go one of these years again.

  3. The last time I marched was maybe two or so years ago. Actually I didn't march. I took the kids to see the parade. It was quite fun.

    2. I love seeing the fireworks and not having to think too much about things. Just enjoy the beauty and my kids squeals of delight.

    Happy weekend to you!


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