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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Calculating my Tips

Works for me Wednesday is having a best of edition this week. So I calculated my tips and this is what I am most proud of ...

Originally posted 2/17 for Shannon's final Rocks in My Dryer WFMW

Today, I would like to tell you all why Works For Me Wednesday works for me. As a stay at home, home school dad, a few credits shy of his Home Ec. degree, WFMW gives me the first clue on topics I know nothing about, and the next step in areas that I am growing in.

WFMW is also, one of the best formats for me to do my writing. I like sharing what things my family has done that make our life more productive and enjoyable. I love seeing the comments on my blog that there are others who can find them helpful as well.

Here is my WFMW routine:

1) I keep a list in my notebook of future WFMW posts. My goal is to have at least 4 post ideas written down at the beginning of each month, so I am not scrambling at the last minute for an idea. As of today, I have post ideas from now until 4/22/2009.

2) Sometime Monday evening or Tuesday morning I write my post for that week and save it as a draft. This morning when I began to write about gloves, I noticed Shannon's above referenced post and took this idea, which was 3 weeks away from my notebook.

3) When I come home from my Tuesday night home group, I publish my post and wait for Shannon to post hers. My goal is to be one of the first 25 posts on the list. My secret ambition, is to be in the top 10 every week. My dream, is to be the first one on the board. My dream that is so special you don't say it out loud (I am only writing this, NOT saying it out loud), to be asked to headline and be a guest blogger on WFMW. That's not gonna happen. But, I was #8 last week.

4) After WFMW is posted and I am linked to it, the real fun begins. I read all the posts linked before mine. I always try to leave a comment where appropriate. As a man, I would feel very silly commenting on posts about make-up.

5) When I get to mine, I will sometimes read a few more before retiring for the day. On Wednesday morning, I check my post for comments. I will then read those posts, If I have not already. I spend the rest of the day between school and home stuff checking out as many posts as I can.

6) I am always looking for one idea that I can implement immediately. A month ago I discovered two I liked ,one was about a system that e-mails reminders to you and another that tells you how to clean out a microwave. I just got a reminder e-mail to clean out my microwave.

So, that's why WFMW works for me and why I am so glad that Shannon started this tradition that Kristen is continuing. Blessings to you both.

To see more of the best of WFMW be sure to stop by We Are That Family.

Next Time: Unbelievable! A family of five, irresponsible!?!


  1. Wow, I see you take this WFMW thing seriously! I feel the same, by the way. I like your routine!

    I do hope you visit my blog, but seeing as I posted this week about being the Totebag Queen, I sort of doubt you'll comment ...

  2. I have a WFMW routine, too. I look forward to it all week, but I'm not as quick as you veteran posters.

    I don't always comment, but I do read your posts every week. You have great ideas.

  3. Great tips! I've been working on keeping several weeks' worth of ideas in draft, too. It's surprising how much stress can be generated by not having a WFMW idea by Tuesday evening.

    Just for the record, the closest I've ever come to posting about make-up was a post about eyebrows. This week's post is about laundry. ;-)

    Oh, and, as an aside, I did an interview with another homeschool dad on my blog yesterday.

  4. Brilliant!! I try to post drafts in advance so their ready to go by Wednesday morning but of course I'm always late get to the linky!

    Farrah from Wife and Mom of 3


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