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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Our Star Wars Names

My son loves Star Wars. He would spend all his time playing Star Wars if I let him. Amy and I usually don't allow guns or shooting in the house. But I have assured Amy that this all took place a long time ago in a galaxy far far away.

I was in a bargain basement aisle at a local store today, when I saw this clone trooper outfit. He absolutely loves it. Star Wars is not the same passion for the rest of the family as it is for Char Char Binks, but we like it because we love him.

This is why we all adopted Star Wars names recently. Charlie is no longer the aforementioned binks but is now Clone Captain Chuck.

Before I divulge the rest of our monikers here's a joke Charlie made up for any Star Wars junkies out there. Q: What happens when a clone captain gets in an auto accident? A: Clone Captain Rex (wrecks) .

I am Daddy wan Kenobi
Amy is Amy-kins Sky Walker
Emma is Emma the Hut
Lucy is the nefarious Count Lulu

Charlie must have real issues with women. The men are the good guys and the women tend towards the darkside. Hmmmmmm?????

Next Time: Song Parodies.


  1. My husband tells my boys stories all the time about "Once upon a time Obi-Wan KaLoser and Luke SkyClink (clink is our word for, shall we say, "gaseous emissions") went into this restaurant...
    I haven't thought about helping them choose names for us. As the lone female, I might be in trouble!
    Also, the parodies, it must be a guy thing! My husband loves to sing Handel's Messiah, only with way-different words!


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