The wonder is that when we know God’s forgiveness is based upon the infinite value of Christ’s finished work, we can have peace of mind and knowledge of His love, even in the midst of our weakness and depression. And again, we all have depressions too; since the Fall, none of us are psychologically healthy or perfect morally. And I must say that depressions are very hard. This is not unknown to me; though most people do not know it, I have my own periods of depression which are very difficult. . . . I speak her not from theory but from experience — in the midst of our down times we can know that His arms are about us, and that He does not let us go when our hands are as weak as water. - Francis Schaffer

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Kids Bike

2-4-6-8 who do we appreciate cyclists! Cyclists! Go cyclists! It was Tuesday afternoon and my 7 year old and I decided the training wheels needed to go. So I took them off and I've been riding without them ever since. Kidding! They were his training wheels.

We took them off and went to the church parking lot, down the street. There was quite a bit of falling and after a while my sad, dejected son wanted to give up and go home. I told him 3 more falls and we would go home. The next time up he got it. Here is some footage.
When my 9 year old, also still in training wheels, got wind of Charlie's achievement, she wanted to be part of the act. So here she is earlier today.
They are getting better and better and I am really proud of both of them. We plan to do a lot of biking as a family this year sans training wheels will be best.
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