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Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Century Mark

My Father-in-law turned 70 today. This is of course a grand achievement in itself. But given his medical history in the past 18 months it is a remarkable one. He has had many sicknesses during that time and has been in hospitals and nursing homes for about 1/2 of the last 18 months. A few of those months he was in a coma like state. The past few months have been a time of remarkable recovery. His oldest son Mike spends 1/2 of the week doing rehab with his Dad. Every time I see him he is more and more active and vibrant than the next.

To celebrate his birthday Amy , her brothers and sisters planned a surprise party for Him. It was really the youngest sister Katie, who just found out she is expecting her first child, that did most of the planning and contacting.

Katie's 30th birthday happens to fall a week after her Dad's. Amy thought that since Katie was already getting the family together that she would work behind the scenes to make a double surprise party. So instead of celebrating Donn's 70th we celebrated Donn and Katie's 100th.

Every one had a fantastic time. So congratulations to Donn on seventy years and continued best wishes on a full recovery. Thanks to Mike for pouring so much of his time in working with His Dad. Best wishes to Katie on 30 years (I have shorts older than that), and congratulations to her and Danny as they eagerly expect their first child.

I will leave you with some research I conducted on what happened 100 years ago:

  • There were 45 stars on the U.S. Flag

  • The Roman Catholics made Joan of Arc (Not Joan Van Ark) a saint.

  • Two cents was the cost of a postage stamp.

  • The first race was run at the Indianapolis Motor Speed Way.

  • The Pittsburgh Pirates won the World Series.

  • Las Vegas, NV Population:30

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  1. Great story, and great job raising a compassionate son. I hope mine turns out that well.
    Natalie L. Komitsky
    writer + editor + learning coach


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