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Friday, August 28, 2009

A thought for My Pennies

Give-a-way: 200 pennies for Lincoln's Bicentennial.

When I was in college, I volunteered at a Campus radio station from 10 pm to 1 a.m on Tuesday nights. The radio station broadcast primarily in a few of the dorms and also could be heard on one of the campus t.v. channels that broadcast school announcements.

My show had an average listenership of maybe 10 people. I did it because, a) I loved playing Christian music and had the only christian program on the station b) I loved talking on the radio, reading copy introducing songs the whole thing and c) I love having crazy ideas and gimmicks and when you are doing a latte night radio show that virtually no one listens to it is the perfect place to showcase your crazy ideas and gimmicks. One gimmick I would sometimes do is give away a package of ramen soup to the 100th caller. Now I could buy the Ramen generally 10 for $1.00 at the Local Hyvee. So at 11:30 at night I am giving away ten cents worth of soup to the 100th caller when I have maybe 10 listeners.

The thing is people would call. I always gave the package away. One time somebody called in to request a song and didn't even know I was doing the give-a-way and they were the 100th caller.

So, we have established that back in 1987 I was as crazy (if not more) as I am today. Which brings me to my give-a-way. A few weeks ago I started the give-a-way with this post.

Earlier this year I gave away a set of 50 state quarters. I think that post had the most comments I had ever received. The Pennies give-a-way has not been so successful. So far I have had only 2 comments on the original post but both from the same person. I am making entering this contest very easy, though comment on any of my posts from the original until September 23rd and you qualify for one entry. So I encourage you to go to the original give-a-way comment there and comment on all the later posts including this one.

On September 23rd I will randomly pick from the entries and give-a-way the 100 pennies. I am also giving another 100 away to those following my blog. Yes it's crazy. Yes it's more work than is needed to get 100 pennies, you can simply go to a bank and get 2 rolls easy as you please. But that's where the fun is. Anyone can enter for a meaningful give-a-way but how cool will it be if you actually are the one who can say "hey I won 100 pennies from Crazy Dave. He paid more than that to send them to me!"

Remember if you blog about this give-a-way you get an extra entry. Just leave a comment on this or the original give-a-way post with the link.

Join in the madness! Another kind of madness is Six Word Saturday. Join in that by heading directly to Show My Face dot com. No passing go, no collecting 200 dollars. But you can collect 100 pennies if you are the lucky winner! If you'll excuse me I have to go listen to some Christian music and eat some ramen.

Next Time: A Bunny at Last.


  1. Ramen noodles are the best (especially when you have a mortgage and no job at the present time) :)

  2. This post made me laugh... And at 3:40am (can't sleep AGAIN), that's no easy task! I love the penny give-away, by the way. I don't know why I didn't enter last week, but I will certainly do so now :-)

  3. Give-a-ways don't get me to comment

  4. Okay "Crazy Dave" I am now following your blog and going over to that other entry to check it out :)

  5. I am going to post a link to this contest on my blog when I return from my weekend road trip to Illinois (we're leaving in a few minutes). I think you should ressurect the Ramen Noodle contest. A box of 12 packages of noodles is only $1.18 at Walmart. And if I put it that way, am I really so cheap that I have to go Jonesing for Ramen on the internet? But, it sounds fun!

  6. Ramen - there's a flashback! It sorta makes me want to eat some just for the trip down memory lane.

    Thanks for playing 6WS!

  7. What about those of us who have been following your blog since before the crazy 100 pennies give-away? ;) lol

    Happy 6WS!


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