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Friday, November 19, 2010

Fragments Of Libraries, Kefir ads and HSBA

It's Friday Fragment time at half past kissing time.

Here are my fragments . . .

I used to spend a lot of time using our local libraries computers. Now due to the miracle of wifi, and the fact that I have a laptop, I have been using my computer at the library. This Tuesday night I was at the library w/o my laptop and decided to write my blog from there. I was reminded of this annoying yet funny (to me) system issue they have. Each user has an hour to use their computer. When there are 15 minutes left a pop up comes up and tells you how much time is remaining. At 10 minuts es a new pop up comes up and asks if you want an additional 15 minutes (when there is not a que). You are warned again at 5 minutes and at 2 minutes you get a countdown clock. I know this because I have gone down to the last 10 seconds before.

What really gets me is when you finally click the log out button you get another pop-up that says are you sure you want to leave?

And I'm thinking aren't you the same computet r that's been kicking me out for the last 15 minutes, and now you want me to stay? It's crazy!


Speaking of annoying. On the way home from the library I was listening to a radio commercial about Keat kefir. The ad said that a clinical study proved that kefir may improve digestive health.

You needed a clnical study for a maybe? Wasn't it a maybe before the study?


The HSBA Awards voting ends very soon you can vote bt clicking here.

Here is what the first quarter of my ballot looks like

Best Home School Mom: Home Spun Juggling
Best Home School Dad: Home School Dad
Best Blog Design: Live The Adventure
Best Photos & Artistic Content Blog: 1+1+1=1
Best Crafts, Plans & Projects Blog: The Activity Mom
Best Family or Group Blog: The Homeschool Classroom
Best Encourager: Psalm 104:24
Best Current Events, Opinions or Politics Blog: Why Homeschool.
Best Homemaking or Recipe Blog: The Pioneer Woman.
Best Teen Blog: A Young Woman for God.

I have some errands to run but wilil fill in the rest of the ballot when I return. To return to Friday Fragments click here.

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  1. Oh good greif, the comment about the clinical study certainlt made me chuckle.

    I am so glad to have internet access right here in my own home! I remember those days of signing in and out... I never liked that much!

    I'll have to look at some of those HS sites... I am so busy with our own curriculm I hardly have time to see what everyone else is doing :)

    Have a great Weekend...

  2. woops... Correction on the first line "certainly"!

  3. Good Luck with the award!
    I am very greatful to have access right in my home and to even be anticipating FIOS's arrival next Friday. I do like to go to the library every now and then just to get out!
    Have a Blessed Holiday..


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