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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Crackers to the rescue.

Wednesday was kind of a rough day at the old Izola Becker Home School. Rough on me at any rate and by the time lunch came around I was in a bit of a bad mood. It did not help my mood that I wanted soup for my lunch and we were out of crackers. I love crackers in my soup. I really do.

So, I decided to run out to the 7-11 which is less than a block from my house. I put my soup on simmer and gave Bunny a little more experience at babysitting.

Okay as an aside. Do any of you remember when saltine crackers were manufactured in a square with 4 crackers pressed together on a 2 by 2 grid? So instead of 4 towers stacks you had 4 more like cube stacks. I really liked when you could choose between the 2 styles. The tower stacks with the individual saltines were better for cheese and crackers. The 4 saltines in a square were better for soup. At least I thought so. You put the cracker in your bowl and then crunch it up into the soup. I was quite bummed when the 2 by 2 squares went away

So you know how saltine crackers come in 4 packages of vertical stacks of crackers? At 7-11 they were selling a box with 1 stack for $2.29 and a box with 2 stacks for $2.99 and they were not selling the traditional box at all. talk about paying for convenience.

Well, I decided to cross the street and see if the Mexican Grocery store sold crackers and the thing is they did. It was at a much better price.

So I bought these crackers . . .

And guess what? These were like the crackers of my old. Except instead of 2 by 2 squares of crackers, they were 2 by 4 squares.

So I broke the crackers in half and put it in a bowl.

Then I could break it up with a sppon just the way I like.

Eating soup the way you want can put a smile on any grumpy Dad.

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