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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Puppyism to start the day

Life can sometimes fall into a pattern of responsibilities, routines and interruptions and sometimes among all of those are gems of enjoyment. This morning I was checking my e-mail when the first interruption occurred. Before I can get to my email, my computer produces a list of people and events that are in the news. I try to ignore this list, but sometimes curiosity gets the better of me and I click on someone's name and instead of catching up on my e-mail I am reading about some celebrity. This morning, I saw the name of SNL Alum Amy Poehler and clicked her name and saw the same thing you will if you click on her name now. As I was reading about her coming speaking engagement, I was reminded of 3 quick things about my youngest daughter: 1) She was right next to me. 2) She (although a preschooler) reads and 3) She has a unique perspective on life. Here is a transcript of what followed. Puppy: Hey! There is only one Amy and it's Mom. Me: No, there are lots of people named Amy. Puppy: Then they need to have a restaurant named Famous Amy's where all the Amy's can go to eat. Like they have a Famous Dave's where you and all the other Dave's go to eat. Background: For (at least) the past two years the restaurant Famous Dave's have had a promotion where on a certain day Dave's can eat for a penny or a dollar (I forget which). Last year we went as a family and puppy started to think that that was the restaurant where Dave's go to eat. Thanks Puppy for pulling a gem from that interruption!

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  1. Thanks for chuckle. Amazing how kids put things in perspective.


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