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Friday, April 22, 2011

What about finishing "school" work?

One thing I like about homeschooling is that my husband Dave, and I are in charge of what we teach our children. Sure, we are making sure the reading, writing, math, history, science, etc., are getting learned. However, there are more important things to be learned. Namely, turning their hearts toward Christ. Serving others. So when we "take time off" to help grandpa, I don't see that as "time off of school." I see that as integral to educating our children. We really want them to become accomplished, capable people when they grow up. But more importantly, we want them to follow Jesus, lead others to Jesus, be examples of Jesus, etc. And that means right now, we need to teach them to love others, serve others, care for others, put others above themselves, etc. So when my dad asked me this week if I would consider sending the children to "real school," I almost started crying at the thought of it. Sure, they would cover the academics, at least some of them. There would have to be so much reteaching and unteaching, it wouldn't be worth my while. And I would feel that we were sending the kids to the wolves by sending them to "real school." Nobody else has quite the agenda we have in mind....


  1. i so GET that... i have a hug for you and tea.. if you ever want a hug and a cup :) it's yours.. just because i love... that YOU get it..

    have a very blessed week... TRAINING up these blessings.. because.. that is what they are.. and educating.. is so much more than all those "workbooks"...

    you are doing an amazing job.. really ROLLERIFFIC!

  2. You are sooooo right!! My daughter is in 10th grade, being homeschooled, so I am more "picky" about making sure that she finishes her core courses so I can put it on her transcript. Her brother, though, is in 7th grade and has dyslexia, so we can move at his own pace on the academics. A few years ago, I took the kids to my parent's house because my dad was having surgery. It meant a lot to my mom that we were there, and I think the kids learned far more about "real" life than they would have if we had stayed home and "done school". (Of course, being the consummate homeschool mom, we did read together and listen to audiobooks and take a day trip to wildlife park!)

    I love that we can teach our kids in the way that they learn best. I love that we can make our faith an integral part of life. I love that my kids hang out with other adults by doing volunteer work.

    Enjoy your kids!!

  3. You really just summed up my view and how we look at homeschooling. Sometimes I feel like a complete failure at teaching them to put others before themselves because my girls all seem to be focused on themselves, but that's pretty much around each other. They do well with other people, but don't seem to get applying it to their siblings as well. I have to remind myself that they are still young and also independent beings who make choices willing to tolerate the consequences. It's my job to enforce those consequences to help them learn to make better choices. You said your intentions very well, though, and that was my main point.

  4. Thanks for the reminder that there are more important things than academics. You are definitely pursuing the right agenda!


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