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Sunday, May 1, 2011

I Beat The Odds - A Review

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The NFL Draft ended yesterday at about the same time as I was finishing Michael Oher's book, I Beat the Odds. Oher (pronounced oar), was drafted in 2009 by the Baltimore Ravens and was the subject of the book and film The Blind Side.

I Beat The Odds tells a similar but slightly different tale than The Blind Side. Oher makes it perfectly clear that the Touhy family taking him in was just part of his dynamic transformation and not the only reason for his success. He does this repeatedly but not to take away the generosity of the Touhy's or to diminish the great changes that happened in his life because of the book and the film. He writes about the steps he took to get himself out of the ghetto and the life he was in because He wants others in his situation to realize that they don't have to be adopted by rich people to have changes in their life.

I really enjoyed this book. I have read many of the chapters out loud to my family and they enjoy it as well. This is an encouraging book and a must for anyone who works with or wants to help families in child services.

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