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Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday Morning Paragraphy

Mondays can be a real jumble. You get up and you try to get everybody ready for a new week. But inwardly and outwardly can be something of a muddle. Last year I heard about a teaching tool called paragraphy @ http://www.byrdseed.com/. You write a paragraph. Paragraphy switches the order of the sentences. Your students then put the sentences in the correct order. Since Mondays can be a real jumble, I have decided to occasionally put a post through the paragraphy machine and let you you loyal readers try to make sense of it. This really isn't much different than my regular posts.

Today's installment will actually be a little piece I wrote about my current Monday jumble. I hope you enjoy.

  1. That's the plan any way.

  2. I hope to have Bunny work on some of her stuff before we go, some at the library and then we can all do some table activities when we get home.

  3. Mondays are not just for morning quarterbacks.

  4. Yes, I can say I knew him when.

  5. Generally our Mondays are spent at our home school co-op and Awana.

  6. The interview will be at the church where our co-op usually meets.

  7. Since they have both ended for the school year, our Monday's have become a regular school at the table day.

  8. Not sure what all we will do after the interview.

  9. This week is going to be a little different from our new routine.

  10. I am going to take the girls to a branch library near the church while the team meets with the reporter.

  11. Spider Droid's robotics team is going to be interviewed for a magazine article.

Next Time: The story behind the picture

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