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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day Recap: It Goes Fast, Dad!

I spent a portion of today blindfolded. For many of you this may be a common occurrence. For me, it is not. The reason why I endured it is because the kids wanted to surprise me with some Father's Day events today. So, this morning I got in the van blindfolded and drove to our mystery location. I actually didn't drive, that would have made a real surprise, for oncoming traffic!

Amy drove to the mystery location and if we used blind folds on our kids’ mouths, I would not have known we were going to Old Country Buffet. Alas, breakfast covers a multitude of sins, especially when there's bacon!

After breakfast we went to church (sans blindfold) where we saw this video produced, starring and directed by men in our church.

After church, it was blindfold time again. This time when we stopped I had no idea where we were, until Spider Droid handed me a rather large bag and I knew we were at a bowling alley.

The kids had said let's take dad to do something he likes. Amy saw a coupon for unlimited bowling on Father's Day. So we went. Bowling is one of many things I don't do well but am passionate about. I had a B.C. (Before Children) goal of bowling in every state. We have bowled in quite a few. We have much of the Midwest and South taken care of. We hope to slowly but surely hit the rest. (When I say "we" I mean "I.") If HSD ever gets big enough for a speaking tour many of the venues will probably be bowling alleys.

We spent a good portion of the afternoon bowling. We had two lanes: one with bumpers and one without. At one point Spider Droid and I were bowling two games at the same time. I ended up bowling 7 games: 3 over 100, 2 99's, and none under 90. These are not good numbers for most bowling aficionados. For me they are dreams come true.

Like the song says, it goes fast Dad. I am glad I was able to savor some special time with my kids and my wife. I hope you all had a great day.

Next Time: Reading: it’s not just a railroad.

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