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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Thursday Two Questions

I am trying out a new meme today. Called Two Questions Thursday. The basic gist (The central thought, the common idea, - It.s one of Spider droids vocabulary words). is that you ask 2 questions and your readers and those linking to you from the meme answer those questions. The meme is hosted @ Self Sagacity.

When I first started blogging I participated in Mnoga (Russian for many) Memes. I even hosted one for awhile after the original owner decided to let it go. Recently I participate in them less and less. I occasionally will post @ Friday Fragments or Six Word Saturday but it's definitely not an every week affair.

My two questions today are about memes.

1) How come the majority of memes start the day before? For instance here I am asking my two questions for Thursday on a Wednesday. Considering the relative ease on most platforms of predating your material. It is not hard to time your post to begin at midnight the day of your meme.

2) When not participating in a meme for the week, do you still read it? I faithfully submitted over 25 Works for me Wednesday submissions before I finally realized that hints from Heloise is just not my bag. I really enjoyed reading all the hints but noticed that once I stopped being a contributor I also stopped being a regular reader.

So those are my questions and I am sticking to them. To join in answer my questions as a comment and then click here for more questions.

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  1. Hello Home School Dad. I definitely had nice chuckles when I read your post and questions. Thanks for joining TTQ this week. So here are my stab at your questions ;-).
    1) I believe bloggers are global. For example, European bloggers are eight hours ahead, so our evening Wed, would already be their morning Thursday. Another reason I post at night is during the day, I am busy with life, school, chauffeur job, chef, etc. It is also good to already post the night before so that people will have time the next day to visit your blogs and vice verse.
    2) It is hard to remember everyone and every blog I love. The memes help me grow a bond with my regulars and remember to make my visits. Painfully, the answer is No, except for those who I have already grown roots with. :-)

  2. Amanda covered all the reasons I can think of in her answer to your first question. I prefer to post in the evenings so it works out perfectly for me.

    Sometimes I will visit some of the smaller memes even if I do not have a post for that week. It all depends on my schedule.

  3. 1. I like to participate in memes in the evening and if you wait for evening of, you don't get many visitors to your site. Participate the evening before the date = many visitors.

    2. You're quite right. Once I stop participating, I stop reading too. Hmmm. I've never even given it a second thought until now. Great question.

  4. Blogging is our delight, our passion, creative outlet...BUT we have to do it in our spare time, so we have to schedule it in.

    I would visit them regardless if they are blogs I regularly follow.

  5. Well, it's good to meet you, and SelfSagacity has answered the first question. I like the host of memes to start at regular hour and date also.

    I visit those that I've a bond with.

  6. 1. I think there is a time zone difference and also the need to have early visitors? Or mostly like for me, it's just convenient.

    2. Yes if I don't post. I'm likely to keep reading, but if I stop all together then I wont read the meme anymore.

    Aloha! :)


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