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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Next Big Thing on the Internet?!?

When I started this blogging adventure 2.5 years ago, I fully expected to be the next big thing on the internet. I didn't necessarily want to be. I just thought I was slated for fame. Now that it hasn't happened, I am not sure at all as to why not. Let's examine the package that is HomeSchoolDad.

  1. I am young. (If 46 can be considered young.

  2. I am vibrant (If taking 3 minutes to get off a couch can be considered vibrant.)

  3. I am fun and exciting (I am actually fun and exciting. No, really.)

  4. My children do things like this . . .

  5. So, I don't understand with all that going for me, why I am not the next big thing on the internet. Maybe I should change my name to Ree and become the Pioneer Home School Dad?

    Here is my first question for you. Why are you not the next big thing on the internet? Since an early age I have been a big fan of Steve Martin. It probably stems from watching him make balloon animals from unblown balloons on The Muppet Show. I memorized all of his stand up albums which are pure genius. I even love stuff I now disagree with. For example he once said:I believe that Ronald Reagan could make this country what it once was: A barren wasteland covered with ice. I love Ronald Reagan but that is classic misdirection and liberal or conservative, you have to admit: that's funny.

    I say all this because I have been following Steve Martin's twitter feed. He has been doing this bluegrass thing and his new song about Paul Revere from the POV of his horse is lovely. If I ever had the chance to say something to Steve Martin, I would probably say something like, "Thank you for showing me that it was okay to view the world a little differently." This brings me to my second question for you: "If you got a chance to see a childhood (or adult idol )of yours, what would you say to him, her or it?"

So those are my two questions and I am sticking with them. For more of Thursday Two Questions click here.


  1. 1. I'm not the next biggest thing on the internet because not enough people have discovered me :D

    2. As for an idol, I would not be saying anything to him but throwing my arms around and kissing Joe Montana. Hopefully without his wife there :D

  2. Who says you're not the next big thing? Or the next, or the next, anyway? :) You're funny and have a unique perspective - combine that with young & vibrant and you can't lose! I like your questions and what you would say to SM. I'm having a hard time picking one person, but I like what you'd say to Steve, so I'm going to pick my students and others I've met who have mental and/or physical disabilities that are more obvious than my own klutziness or ditziness and say "Thank you for being YOU. You are delightful, and you give me courage to be me."

  3. oh man every bloggers struggle, not being the next big thing. i don't think i have enough time nor enough "new" ideas to be the next big thing. If i could say anything to my childhood tv idol? i was in love with Mcguyver and liked "Mcguyver" as an adult in Stargate. I would be quiet starstruck if i met Richard Dean Anderson and would be happy to just small talk with him lol.

  4. I think all of you have potential to be the "biggest thing on the internet" but I feel it requires lots of time - the ever disappearing commodity. One has to read and comment countless places and hope to get 1/2 back. I once was told invite twice as many people as you want to a party as half will show up. Comment on twice as many people as you want to comment back. Now that takes time. :-)

    If I saw a childhood idol they would be too old to stand up, but if by chance they were still standing :-) I would probably be speechless. (For a change!!)

  5. I am not the next big thing, because I haven't really brought much new to the table. My blog has been more of a collection of me. If I could meet a childhood idol, hmmm...tough one, I was "in love" with Jordan from NKOTB. Now, that's dating myself! Haha...I really thought he waved to me at a concert. If I could meet him now, I'd probably ask him a random question, as I can be random.

  6. I have to agree with Judy. Everyone has the potential to be the biggest thing. The requirement is simple, Time & Talent.
    It is a full time job, there is a lot to do. If you can do it all, then you are half way there. Social media freak - you must be, there are people who would spend their entire 23 hours on the pursuit. You don't need anything unique, you just have to be great at what you do...and do it consistently. Marketing, again another 23+ hours of work...This could be an essay and I have to close, but many folks who made it big sometimes are not offering anything fantastic and/or new, but they offered content that are interesting to others, and that are searched by just anyone, not just a niche of people...or the niche has to attract a large percentage of popularity. My contributions today ;-) Have a great 4th of July.

  7. Your son is very clever and cute. How old is he? He seemed very comfortable performing :-)

  8. Any one of us bloggers has the potential to be 'discovered' any day now!! But alas, it takes an extraordinary amount of work to reach that level. I'm happy where I am in the blogging universe so I guess the discovery will never come.

    If I had the opportunity to meet an idol I would do my best not to embarrass myself or them.

  9. You are funny.

    I'm not the next big thing because I don't have the drive, time, or money to pursue internet fame like others do.

    2. I'd just shake hands and say, I've always been a fan. Never thought I'd get to meet you though :)
    I probably wouldn't even ask for an autograph. I don't think celebs like to give them.



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