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Friday, April 3, 2015

C is for Comiskey Park (Place)

Today, I take a look at a place that is near and dear to my heart.  Especially, this time of year.  Comiskey Park was the home for the Chicago White Sox from 1910 to 1990. m It was replaced by a second stadium also called Comiskey Park in 1991.  Sometime they are referred to as Comiskey Park I and II or Old Comiskey Park and New Comiskey Park.  When New Comiskey was renamed U.S. Cellular Field in 2003, I gradually took to calling the new park by it's new moniker and the old park as Comiskey.

Here is a video baseball played in Comiskey in 1977 when the Sox were enjoying their South Side Hitmen success.  

It was somewhere around 1977 that Comiskey became the oldest baseball stadium still in use.  It held that distinction until 1990.

I started going to White Sox ga mes in the early 70's.  The year before my older sister had won two tickets at School and my Dad took her.  We were (and they still are) a Cubs family.  So I believe this was my Dad's first trip there.  I remember hearing all about the game  when I got home and I decided the next year, I would get perfect attendance and spend a day with my Dad.  We were a family of 4  kids at the time and 5 was not long after that, so 1 on 1 time with my Dad was at a premium.

The next year I had perfect attendance and I went to my first game.  Dick Allen,  hit a homerun and I fell in love with the team.  Ie still liked the Cubs and enjoyed our annual trips to Wrigleyield as a family.  But I cherished my trips to Comiskey.  My Dad took me most every year to a White Sox game,  I remembere being dedlighted to be able to watch former Cub heroes of mine Ron Santo and later Don Kessinger after they were moved to the Sox.

I could talk Comiskey all  day, but I was informed to keep these A to Z posts short.  So, I will just give you a quick guided tour.
Game 1 1959 World Series at Comiskey Park

The exploding scoreboard that shot off fireworks after every Sox Homer

The Exterior of the stadium

I think I sat behind one of these at nearly every game I went to.
We got a lot of give-a-way seats and these were what they gave away

Carlton Fisk switched Sox (from Red to White) in 1980 and was still with Chicago in 1990

Fisk is featured today at my sports blog

In 1990, The White Sox ad copy for the final season of Comiskey was years from now, you'll say that you were there.  Well that was 25 years ago and the advertising was right, I do say I was there.  I was living 4 and a half hours from Chicago at the time. Some friends came to my folks house for the weekend in July.  One of my friends had never seen a skyscraper before,  and we all watched a fantastic White Sod  victory.  What a great way to spend my last game there. 
Final Game at Comiskey

Out with the old.  In with the blue.

They Tore Down Paradise

Left Home Plate in the Parking Lot

Prior to demolition of the stadium,
the seats were removed and sold to television stars

For More A to Z Blogging click here. Back in A To Z 2012 I posted about Car Trips.

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