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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Dare to Dream A night to remember. An IPod to forget.

Last Wednesday I went to the Allstate Arena with 3 kids to go see Disney on Ice: Dare  to Dream produced by Feld Entertainment. 

The evening started out great, until after we got to our seats, I found that I did not have my i-pod touch with me.  I was planning on covering the whole event on twitter. I thought I left it in the car.  After checking the car without producing it, I realized that it had probably dropped out of my pocket on my way into the stadium.

It was hard to get into the Disney mood, knowing I had lost a piece of equipment that had become vital to me in the month I owned it, and further, knowing I could not afford to replace it anytime soon.  But I summoned all the when you wish upon a star attitude I could muster and got in the best Disney mood I could. That sounds good, but it’s not actually true.  What I did do was pray.  God answered those prayers immediately.  The I-pod was found before the show started.  I didn’t know that until Thursday afternoon, but God gave me a peace to enjoy the show, regardless. 

Enough about the I-pod, on with the show
Dare to Dream takes 3 Disney Princess movies and takes those tales from the silver screen and retells them on the shimmering ice. 

Act I 
Princess and the Frog.


While I did not like the black magic aspects of the story, we all enjoyed the fast paced narrative, flashy costumes and excellent skating.  Puppy was a little frightened.  But let’s face it, that what puppy does best.

Act II 

This more classical retelling of a fairy tale appealed to puppy quite a bit. She's a sap for a good love story and this is an awfully good one.

This was the main event, as far as Puppy was concerned.  In her opinion, the other two tales were just appetizers for the main dish retelling of Tangled. Puppy vehemently objected to the small amount of order changing that the producers committed while adapting this for ice.  Click here for her review of the evening which can be found at Dave Out Loud.


These objections aside, Puppy had a fantastic time.  This is because Dare to Dream is a fantastic show.  While It is essentially for girls, Spider Droid and his friend enjoyed themselves as well. 

The run at Allstate ended today. There will be 21  big beautiful shows at the United Center from February first to the twelfth.  The weekday shows have a special discount available of 4 tickets for $44.00.  The weekend shows have a $4.00 discount available.  Click here for discount info and don’t forget to use the discount code MOM.

Also, if you plan on bringing your IPod touch to the show, be very careful not to misplace it.  I plan to never misplace anything again.  At least I dare to dream that I won’t.


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