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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Friday Fragments - Promotional Considerations

Mommy's Idea

It is Friday Fragment time again.  This week's fragments all seem to be self promoting.  Oh well, if I were a true narcissist wouldn't tie them all up in one post, I would write them all out separately.

Fragment 1

If you don't follow my vlog Dave Out Loud. (and at this point no one does) you are missing gems like this . . .

Fragment 2

I have just created a resource for quality home school blogs.  It  takes all 20 Homeschool Blog Awards (HSBA) categories and features the winner in each category.  I also go behind the scenes and say who I voted for in each category and why as well as sharing a sample post form all 20 winners that I think gives us a good glimpse of their work.

Fragment 3.

Mine is apparently not the only resource throwing bouquets to home school bloggers.  It seem that one of those bouquets was even thrown my way.

elementary education degree

Yes Teacher Certification Degrees dot com did a fantastic job compiling 100 Homeschooling blogs and a few honorable mentions.  Here is what they said about HSD:

Dave is the “Home School Dad”, White Sox fan and movie buff whose sense of humor shows in creative nicknames and occasional rants; wife Amy adds her voice as a guest contributor to this lively blog filled with ideas for budget-friendly family fun, reports on Lego robotics action and a fresh perspective from the homeschool front.

Occasional rants! I wonder what they mean by that.  Well, I never.   They have a lot of nerve.

Fragment 4.

Speaking of Robotics . . .

The State Robotics Tournament is tomorrow and Saturday.  Unlike last year, Spider Droid's team will not be participating.  They did great at their regional.  Just not great enough to be one of the 3 teams from a field nearing 20 to make it. 

Here are  some pics from the regional. 

Well those are all the fragments I have for today.  For more Friday Fragments click here.


  1. I LOVED reading #3! Even the struck-out 'rant' section; which is a hoot by the way.

    Area 51 [scroll down]

  2. I love robotics...glad to see you are promoting the next wave of great engineers.

  3. My son would love the robots. He's a very K'nex, Hexbug kind of kid. He's been building complex pathways and items since he was about 3. Future city planner of engineer in the making. Homeschooling is awesome. If I had the patience, I'd try it again (we had a brief spell in kindergarten, which I enjoyed but unfortunately the country we lived in at the time it was against the law, oops!) I think homeschooling offers so many rewards public school kids just don't get these days.

    happy friday!

  4. Even up here to your north in The Dairy State we don't have much more snow than in your picture.


    Well, at least we're getting some cold and snow today - - - -

  5. Congrats on the recognition!

    Loved the video. Now where can I find that Bookworms and Bunnies blog?


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