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Pictures of Memories I

Pictures of Memories I
Snow kidding! These "kids" now range from 17 to 23

Monday, March 30, 2015

One Thing You Can do for the kid who sabotages family time - Post of the week #2

On 2/23 I shared the inaugural post of the week.  The idea for post of the week was for each Monday to share a post from my blogroll ,that I had read over the past  week and found interesting, inspiring, or some other positive adjective that begins with the letter I.

well 3-2 was the next Monday and I looked for a post of the week and got distracted and never put one up,  3-9, 3-16 and 3-23 came and went and I didn't even think about a post of the week. Now, here we are 5 weeks removed form the innaugural post and I am finally getting around to sharing a post of the week.  This comes from one of the best blogs in the free world (There are hundreds of better blogs in North Korea), We Are That Family.  The post The One Thing You Can Do for The Kid Who Sabotages Family Time. is a great idea, I am not sure if it will work for our sabotagical (I just made up that word if you did not realize it)  kid.  But it is the best idea yet that does not include shipping said kid to Siberia.

I hope to return next week with Post of  the week #3. If I don't I am going to seriously consider a name change to post of the month.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Nouns 2015 Blogging A to Z

It was 2012 that I participated in my first Blogging A to Z challenge. Here I am 3 years later to participate again. tha

My theme this year. Is A noun is a person, place or thing. First let's get that song out of our system ...

So, everyday in April except for Sundays I will be blogging about either a person place or thing that corresponds with the letter of the day. To find out more about Blogging A to Z click here.

White Sox Home Run Hitters from A.J. to Zeke

This year I am participating in the a to z challenge ...

The ideas of the challenge is to write 26 times overt he course of the month and have each post start with a different letter of the alphabet proceeding in alphabetical order. Resting Sundays allows each participant to hit each letter in the month of April. I participated in this at Home School Dad years ago. When I did I thought of this theme for blogging here. With each letter, I will write about a home run leader for the White Sox whose first name or last name starts with that letter. The sox as far as I know have never had a player whose first or last name started with X so on that day I will find some way, to blog about my first White Sox Home Run hero Dick Allen perhaps talking about his x-factor. So on Wednesday we will feature A.J. Pierzynski and finish on 4-31 with Zeke Bonura. Home Run totals are through the last game of 2014. Click here to find out more about the A to Z challenge.

Zuckermans Famous Pig (from "Charlotte's Web") - One Man Barbershop Mult...

I was recently lamenting about how people don't watch movies together any more.  I will write more about this later.  So, I guess I shouldn't be surprised by the advent of the 1 man barber shop quartet.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

IMago Film Festival 2015 drawing to a close

Last year I watched the movie Ragamuffin.  It was awesome.  It was definitely worth all the hype.  I must admit the best thing personally that came out of my ragamuffin experience was my discovery of the Imago Film Festival.  I went to see Ragamuffin at a showing at Judson College and while I was there I first heard of Imago, a film festival run by Judson, now in its eleventh year.  I went to several
nights last year including the awards ceremony.  I loved it so much that I bought a seasons pass this year and have been to each and every event over the past 5 nights.  After I finish this post I am off to the awards ceremony for year 11.  Over the next few weeks, I will give you a night by night rundown of the event for right now let's talk about what Imago is.  I took this from the imago website ...


The Imago Film Festival showcases independent film that deals with faith issues, emphasizing image and story.

The festival films capture the full spectrum of human emotion, experience, and spirituality.

The festival shows all the movies entered in the competition and gives out 4 awards: 1 for best film in show, 2 first places one for the best 16-30 minute film and one for the best under 16 minute film, and then the audience choice.  There is  a total of $2000.00 in prizes for the filmmakers up for grabs.

Besides screenings the 18 films in competition, there are interviews with filmmakers, actors, and even a lifetime achievement award.  Last year the winner of the first ever mago lifetime achievement award was Martin Sheen.  I am looking forward to finding out who nabs it tonight.

I have totally loved my experience at the past 2 festivals.  Judson is practically in my back yard and there are few places I enjoy more that a college campus or a film festival.  Sure it seems like I am the only community member not affiliated with an individual film most nights.  Sure I used to have more people at my house when I was in high school to watch videos than the amount of people in the theatre  on a given night, and none of my friends were getting chapel credit. But as I tell my kids when they won't try food that I love, more for me.  Gotta jet, my inner Siskel beckons.

Friday, March 27, 2015

WSCR: Sometime's not listening is best way to speak up

I am a big time fan of sports radio.  I have been listening to WSCR  (The Score) since they went on the air back in 1992. besides the years I lived in Russia from December of 1992 to December of 1994 and South Carolina from 1995 to 1997   I have been a regular listener to sports radio in Chicago,  primarily WSCR as they did the WKRP theme thing and moved up and down the dial until finally landing on 670 where WMAQ had promised to make me rich when I was a kid.

As a Christian,  I try to watch what words I listen to and what things I say.  To that end, I could never get behind show titles like S&M in the morning (The  initials referring to show hosts Tom Shaer and Jim Memelo) nor could I participate in the signature segment on the show based on an Old Mike Ditka rant.  The segment has nothing to do with the c-list swear word for producing feces but has everything to do with tagging someone out when you find them off base.  Still,  I could never bring myself to call up and say a word on the radio that I wouldn't say in public.

My point in all this is to say that there were some goings on at WSCR that I didn't want to listen to and when they came on like the commercials for strip clubs, I just turned them off, sometimes for days and weeks at a time.  I did this because sometimes not listening is the beset way to speak up.

Over the years some of the hosts I really liked and some I did not much care for.  I liked all the Dan's (McNeil, Jiggets and later Bernstein) I was 50/50 on the Mikes, Loved Murphy, didn't care much for North.

I didn't care much for North's shtick.  The whole who needs High school, self made man thing never' really resonated me.  But it wasn't until September 12, 2001 that he really got under my skin.  As you may recall, September 11th 2001, was kind of a big deal,  and even the day after,  sports radio was not talking about sports.  When I got into my car after work that day, Secretary of State Colin Powell was making a speech about U.S. response to the tragedy.  Half way through the speech, North turns off the feed and starts discounting what Powell was saying and giving his own "insight" to what had to be done.  Now this was nearly 14 years ago, so I don't remember the particulars, but that was the last time I listened to Mike North.  I just had it with him.  Had it with how on one hand, he could brag about being a high school drop out and then on the other,  have enough hubris in the wake of a national tragedy, to  purport that he knew more about global politics than a decorated general and current secretary of state.

At the time, North was the face of the score, he was on 1/2 the commercials,  even when not in his time slot.  Anytime since 9-12-01 that his voice came on the score, I switched the channel. Now was I being petty or vindictive?  I don't think so.  This is the first time in nearly 14 years I am going public with it.  I only do so to illustrate a need to turn a score personality off again.

I mentioned earlier that I liked Dan Bernstein.  He is the host of the afternoon show at WSCR.  He and his partner Terry Boers also run the segment, I referred to earlier.  I remember when Bernstein was first starting at the score  covering things like the NBA draft.  Over the last 15 years Bernstein, has become as Lawrence Holmes said recently, the face of the score.  I have found Bernstein to be very insightful and analytical over his run at WSCR.  I have also found him at times boorish, sophomoric and ill tempered.  There are days that he shows a real disdain for the opinions and thoughts for the callers on his show.  Still in all, he hadn't done anything to make me pull the plug on him.  That is until this week.

In  1992  and even in 2001 Social media was essentially non existent.  So disdain for an on air personality came usually from what they said or from a column they would put in a newspaper or website.  Twitter , Facebook and the like have changed that in a big way.

Bernstein tweeted this week in a very unprofessional manner about a female journalist.  After publicly and correctly standing up for women this week who have been abused by men, Bernstein objectified women by using a crass word, to describe part if the female journalists anatomy.  So it's channel switching time for me again at WSCR.  Stopping listening to North was a personality thing.  I couldn't stand his personality.  For Bernstein it's simply a matter of not wanting to listen to someone who defends women and objectifies them within the course of a week. 

I will still listen to the White Sox and to Lawrence Holmes. as he is a class act and in my opinion should be the face of WSCR. But when Bernstein comes on the air to sell wine, or promote the tournament of bad, or just to do his show, I will have switched channels, because sometime not listening is the best way to speak up.

A to Z 2023 Road Trip

#AtoZChallenge 2023 RoadTrip