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Pictures of Memories I
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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Meaningful (and civilized) dialogue between adherents of different worldviews

In  researching a piece for another one of my blogs I came upon this gem of a dialogue between Billy Graham and Woody Allen.

A little background, Woody Allen was for a long time one of my favorite playwrights, actors, writers and directors.  I love his intellectual yet self depreacating humor.  I still think that Crimes and Misdemeanors is  a modern masterpiece telling the story of the power of sin and the need for redemption.

Billy Graham became a hero of mine as my Christian faith emerged and grew.  His love for otChrist, his family and others has had adeep impact on my life and ministry.

When I was in college I got this crazy idea of hosting a talk show.  It was the late eighties and David Letterman with his viewr mail, stupid pet tricks and other goofiness was my inspiration.  I planned the show to be a hybrid between letterman and a faith based talk show like the 700 club.  I imagined  that my first gueat would be Billy Graham. On my show  I planned to intersperse regular questions with unusual ones.  So with Billy, I'd be like tell me about your crusades, then I'd follow it up with Do you fish?  How often do you fish?  That sort of thing.  This interview between Allen and Graham  has some of that spirit to it that I would have liked to bring to my own talk show.

I really enjoy the good humor they both bring to this conversation without abandoning their own  positions.  It's hard to think of the late 60's as a simpler time, however I think as far as public discourse goes this is so much better than the soundbites, barbs and gotchas that predominate these days.

Wordless Wednesday: Do Words in Pictures Count? #congraduationsCharlie

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Monday, May 25, 2020

Homeschool Argument

Yesterday morning I spent about an hour exploring other blogs from this years a to z blogging challenge.  One of the blogs I was looking at had a link to a blog hop called 6 sentence stories at a blog called Girlie on the Edge.  I had heard of all sorts of differnet story lengths but the concept still intrigued me.  So for fun, I jotted down a 6 sentence story and shared it with my family to mixed reviews.  The way the blog hop works is that each week a few days before the blog hop they give a prompt word.  You need to use the word somehow in the story (either as a word or as a subject or theme ). The word this week is right.  I wrote a quick story and will share it here now and link it to the blog hop on Thursday.

Homeschool Argument

"You may be right..."

"I am right."

"You may be right..."

"No, I am definitely right!"

'Stop interrupting me.  You may be writing out your math assignment tomorrow; Our computer isn't working."

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Sunday, May 17, 2020

State of the Blogs

The past few months I have been tweaking my 4 existing blogs with the intent of keeping them filled with content and not laying dormant in the basement of the alamo of the internet.  My 4 active blogs at this time are in oldest to youngest  Home School Dad which I have shortened to the initials HSD, Crazy Uncle Dave's Sports Blog, Dave Out Loud, and Random Acts of Roller.

I have decided to make HSD the flagship of the four blogs.  That is why directly under this post you can see links to the latest posts of the other 3 blogs.  To that end, periodically I will make a post of whats coming next in all of these blogs.  Consider this one of thos posts?

What Am I Working On?

HSD: Aside from this post I am not working on any posts on this blog at this time.  This week I hope to participate in Wordless Wednesday.  I have a couple of ideas for the feuture Muzak Lessons I started last week and may start working on one of those soon.

Random Acts: I am currently working on a piece that combines politics and Christianity.  Instead of trying to write it all at one time, I usyally only work at it for 15 to 30 minutes at a time.  part of this is because of my schedule at work, the other reason is that I am trying to be much more deliberate about my writing at this time.  I think taking my time to get my thoughts together and working without a deadline may aid that.

Crazy Uncle Daves: I just posted ther for the first time in over a year.  This blog has never been a real time sports blog and I'd really like it to be.  Unfortunately there are no real time sports at this surreal time .  So until then I'll be trying to find a pace and contentent  for posting that matches my time and inclinations.

Dave Out Loud.  I am working on my first "live" segment of Dave out Loud in some time.  I'll be taking the random takes idea I mentioned in my last post and running with it.

What Am I Thinking About?

I have been thinking about a podcast.  I'm not sure if I'll ever pull the trigger on such a thing.  However  do expect a piece in Random Acts in the near future of 10 people I'd love to interview on a podcast.

Two weeks ago I participated in Wordless Wednesday for the first time in years.  Last week I participated from 2 of my blogs.  I am thinking about participating from all 4 on the same week sometime.  I want to get a few more posts at Crazy Uncle and Dave Out Loud before I attempt such a feat.

What am I Planning?

I participated in the A to Z challenge this year at Random Acts.  I need to work on an index page of my involvement and gave myself the month of May off from doing that.  Here is my index page from my  a to z challened last year.  In June I plan to put up this year's index page.

I also  have big plans for the a to z challenge for next year.  There will need to be quite a  bit of behind the scenes planning for it.  I shall begin that work in earnest come June.

That's just a snippet of what to expect over the next few weeks and months.

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Ed Farmer 1949 to 1920

Ed Farmer was a hero of mine from childhood and for a few minutes in 2004 I was a hero of his. The former White Sox pitcher and raidio announce passed away on April 1st of this year. Hear his what his former radio partner Ed Rooney had to say about working with Ed. Here is a video from last year where farmer relected on his life in baseball.
 For Christmas 2003 my wife got me tickets to Sox Fest, an annual White Sox fan event held each January. The Sox had just hired Ozzie Guillen to manage their squad and I was very excited about meeting  the players and attending some of the panel discussions. During the panel discussions fans were able to go to the microphone and ask questions. During a White Sox media panel discussion I asked Ed Farmer, whon was a incredible advocate for organ donation and a recipient of a kidney from one of his brothers to talk a little about that. In asking my question I related that I had donated a kidney and appreciated his advocacy for organ donation. This is when Farmer turned the tables on me. I remember him saying something like let's hear it for this guy, he's a true hero. There in the middle of Sox Fest I got an ovation from a bunch of Sox Fan strangers.

 From all I've read and herad about Farmer,this was his way. Heexcelled at relating to people on a personal level. After the panel He talked with me for about 5 minutes even though other people were waiting to talk with Him. Farmer would often address his radio audience as his friends and he seemed to truly  treat and deem  each person he encountered as a friend.

 Farmer grew up on the south side of Chicago in Evergreen Park and was a life long Sox fan.He pitched in the big leagues from 1971 to 1983 in what some have called a nomic career,  splitting 11 seasons between 8 teams. Farmer was  a career long reliever with the occasional start.  He appeared in 370 games starting only 21 times ( 4 in his first season, 4 in his final season with 13 in between).

Prior to 1979 Farmer would fluctuate between the minors and the big clubs.  This changed when Farmer came back to the south side for arguably his best 3 seasons.  He filled the role of a closer for the Chisox with 54 of his 75 lifetime saves in a Sox uniform.  He had 30 of those saves in 1980 where he earned his first and only all star appearance. 

After Farmer  stopped playing he worked a short time as a scout and then in the White Sox front office and in 1991 started in the radio booth in a limited capacity.  In 1992 he became the full time color commentator aside play by play man John Rooney.  When Rooney left in 2005 after the world championship season, Farmer became the play by play announcer.  In total nearly 30 years behind the microphone.

In August of 1999 I brought our young adult group from church to a Sox game.  I had ordered the tickets in advance and had to go into the office to pick them up. While waiting for the tickets A tall lean tanned man strolled into the office talking with a few people on his way to the elevator. It took me a while to realize that this was Farmio.  In retrospect I should not have been surprised.  He displayed all the warmth , good humor and boyish exuberance that seemed to be his only gear.

I am confident that White Sox baseball will start again after the shelter in place lifts  and that games will again be broadcasted on e achieved on and off the field.  The few times I saw Farmer in person I was always taken aback about how tall he was.  At 6'5 He's nearly a half foot taller than myself and I'm no slouch.  Now I realized that he had to be that tall because his personality , zeal , and love for the game  would not fit in a smaller package.

Wordless Wednesday: Balloon Shadows

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Muzak Lessons: An Apology to Gordy Jorian

Muzak Lessons
Lessons learned from in-store music.


I am introducing my first new segment of the reboot today.  I am currently working overnights at a grocery store.  Most nights they pipe in the in store music throughout the store. Many of the same songs are played several times through the course of the week.    At this time there are no customers in the store during my working hours and most of my work is done independently so the in store audio is like the soundtrack of my work experience.  

From time to time I will be sharing my thoughts based on what I am learning from these songs.  Today I start with a song that reminded me we are prone to the  same kind of mistakes that we give our friends grief over.  Without further introduction I present ...

Lesson 1: An Apology to Gordy Jorian

First of all, before I begin, I just want to say that everyone in life should have at least one friend named Gordy.  Gordy is a cool name. I think with a name like Gordy, you have no choice but to be super cool.  Also I think everyone should have at least one super cool friend.  

My friend Gordy Jorian is no exception to the super cool rule.  I mean among other things, the dude has an imdb page. If that was enough his credits include being a key grip, a gaffer, and a best  boy.  Also he was a grip in the movie Kermit's Swamp years.  Where he is credited as Gordy "Goggles"Jorian.  I mean first of all hanging out ewith Kermit on the set has got to be awesome! An d first you have a cool name like Gordy and you follow it up with a super cool nickname in goggles.  Talk about your embarrasment of riches,  Finally he appears in one of the dvd extras.  Wait, did I mention that he's super cool?

I've known Gordy since 1980 as our respective  high school youth groups did a lot of trips and activities together. We got to know each other better in 1984 when we both began volunteering at our old high school youth groups.  That summer Gordy and I were on a week-long bike trip in Michigan.  One afternoon after we had finished biking for the day we heard a Huey Lewis and the News song on the radio.

I should at this point say that Gordy is a master at music and movie trivia.  This is what a large part of our friendship was based upon.  He is the one that introduced me to Joel Whitburn's the Billboard book of Top 40 hits which Gordy taught me to refer to as "The Whitburn." Each edition would list all the top 40 charting music from 1955 to the time of publication by song and artist.  I point this out because knowing  how in tune he was to all things music makes the next part of the story more poignant. 

The Whitburn

As we were listening to the Huey Lewis song, Gordy confided in  me that when the song first came out he had misunderstood the lyrics.  Instead of The heart of Rock and Roll is still beatin', he thought Huey was singing the heart of Rock and Roll is in Wheaton.  Wheaton, if you don't know, is a western suburb of Chicago once known for Christian publishing and still home of Wheaton College, a Christian liberal arts school.

Now being the  sensitive soul and good friend to Gordy that I was,  I could only react in one way,  incessant ridicule .  In the late 80's early 90's Gordy and I went our separate ways.  He lives in Florida and I'm back in the Chicago area.  We keep in touch through Facebook and that sort of thing.  But to this day the biggest legacy our friendship has left behind besides the copy of the Whitburn I keep at my bedstand is that whenever I hear The Heart of Rock and Roll, I will invariably tell anyone in earshot of Gordy's colossal blunder.  That is to say, until a few weeks ago.

A few weeks ago, I was at work and they played another mid 80's staple Walk of Life by Dire Straits.  I remember liking that song quite a bit back in the day and I enjoyed the trip down nostalgia lane.  The next night they played the song again and again the night after that.  At that third hearing I discovered something that rocked me to my very core.  For 35 years I was hearing the wrong lyric!

At the end of the song there is a line, "after all the violence and double talk, there's just a song in all the trouble and the strife."  The song then ends with you do the walk of life.

Now for years, that is not what I was hearing.  I was hearing

After all the violence down in Bogota
After all the trouble and the strife
You do the walk of life.

So for 36 years while giving  Gordy a hard time for hearing a city in a song that did not appear there, most of that  time I've been hearing a city in a different song that also did not exist.  Gordy caught his mistake in relatively short time.  Heart of Rock and Roll came out in 1983 and by the Summer of '84 Gordy had corrected his gaffe.  Walk of Life came out in 1985 and for 35 years I've been hearing it wrong!

Now this seemingly benign faux pas has gotten me to thinking.  Over the years, when I have seen others struggle in certain areas I have found myself thinking a little self righteously how could they have been so unwise or that could never happen to me.  . Regrettably, I have spent a lot  of time in judgement of others.  I clearly saw the error of their ways but was blind to the similar or worse   transgressions in my own life.

I can truly say that I am better in this regard than I once was,  However,  true humility is a life long process and my own rigteousness is still dirty rags when compared to a Holy God. That being said,  I'm still in process and at least I don't have to worry about that violence down in Bogota anymore.

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Dave in Print

Hello. This is Dave and i'm not currently out loud. This may be first (and hopefully the last) installment of Dave Out Loud without a video.

Recently I revamped my blog Home School Dad.

I am now in the process of revamping Dave out Loud.  The last time I posted here was 1 year 3 months 1 week and 2 days ago.  The time before that I was gone 2 years 8 months 3 week and 2 days.  So I'm getting better.

I figured I needed a plan if I want this new reboot to work.  I think I came up with one.  I am going to start a new feature called quick random takes.  If you've ever watched Whose Line is it anyway? it will be like scenes from a hat,  but instead of scenes it will be me talking.  Every week I'll ask my family members and my viewers to give me suggestions on something to talk about for a minute or two.  I will then take all those suggestions and put them all in a hat.  I will also write random on one of the sheets.  If I pick the piece of paper that says random I just have to come up with a topic on the spot.  After I pick the topic I'll just speak for 1 -2 minutes and then post the video.

The next time I'll keep the previous suggestions and get some more.  Each week I'll make one suggestion of my own and add one more wild card.  I may do other types of videos as well and begin sharing other peoples videos as I have in the past.  I think one of the reasons I stopped posting here was the coming up with ideas part and then also the filming  the idea part.  I hope this will jump start the creative process.

So next time I hope to come back with an inaugural video for the segment. Until then

No, I can't handle it.  I must include a video.  Dave Out Loud without a video is like minor league baseball without kids running the bases at the end. You can do it, it's just not as fun.

With that in mind here's a video of some of my family members running bases after a minor league baseball game.

This is Dave out Loud, going out typing.

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Wordless Wednesday Washington and the Waltons

Cleaning up a blog is in many ways like cleaning up a room or a house.  In order to get this blog presentable again, I  found many drafts of posts I had started but never completed.  I also reviewed many old posts and was reminded of memes , pictures, stories and other various components of blogdom  which I had almost forgotten.  Today's post combines many of those components.  A blog, like a house, is meant to be lived in and experienced.  I hope you enjoy today's experience.

In April I participated from another one of my blogs in the a to z challenge where I had participated multiple times form HSD.  One of the best things about the challenge is discovering, reading and commenting on other peoples blogs.  Unfortunately, I did very little of that this year, but I discovered  a blog called Comedy Plus and found that it was hosting one of my favorite memes of all time, Wordless Wednesday. I participated in it on many occasions years ago.  I was glad to see it still exists.

I decided I would participate with a pic from our family trip to Washington DC 10 years ago.

Before I show the pic, I wanted to say that on the way to DC we stopped by Schuyler, VA where Earl Hamner, the writer and creator of The Waltons grew up and stopped by the Waltons Mountain  Museum.  After my picture and before a link to Wordless Wednesday is a 20 minute you tube video that I had saved as a draft here from the 45th reunion of the Waltons which took place at said museum.

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Sunday, May 3, 2020

Home School Dad Revisited.

Hello and good morning.  My name is Dave and I used to go by the moniker Home School Dad.  11 years ago I began this blog, as I was a stay at home dad and the home school teacher of the family.  I started home schooling the kids in 2008 and did that full time until the fall of 2013 when I went back to working full time.

I still blog but now do most of it  at Random Acts of Roller. I have started many blogs over the years but my favorite has always been HSD (Home School Dad).  I have been thinking a lot lately of restarting Home School Dad. With that in mind, I decided to post one of my earliest blog entries.  You can click here to see how it appeared on 1/8/9.

If clicking here is not your thing, it's okay cause copying and pasting is mine...

When I first heard about Homeschooling.
First appeared in Home School Dad
January 8, 2009

Do you remember where you were the first time you heard about home schooling? I was at a wedding. At the reception, I was placed at what I call the odd duck table , the table where you sit friends, family and coworkers not likely to know anyone else, I have a name for it because I have been placed at that table many times.

So at the odd duck table there was a lady from out of state, Colorado, I believe, who home schooled her children. This was the mid to late 80's and I had no idea what homeschooling was or why anyone would want to do it. I just sat there as she regaled other wedding guests with stories of her home schooling journey.

I think it's appropriate that I first heard of home schooling at the odd duck table. Home Schooling itself has been an odd duck for many years. People aren't quite sure what to make of it. It can be frustrating as  a Home School parent, when you see the  same reaction from each person who learns you are home educating your children. This is why I asked you to recall your first experience with the concept. Perhaps, your initial reaction, was not unlike those you encounter today. We often expect people to understand things the way we do and forget our understanding is part of an ongoing process often evolving over many years.

Homeschooling over the years has quietly been inching away from the odd duck table. Everybody seems to know someone these days who is home schooling. It is not uncommon now for park districts and libraries to have special activities for home school families.

2020 Perspective:

First of all,   if you did  look back on the original, you may have noticed I did a little editing of my piece.  It bothered me  that I had let regaled be spelled incorrectly for 11 years.  I also had a tendency back then to just end my posts and go on to the next thing. I began this post some hours ago, got this far, and was really tempted to end this post abruptly as I had just finished an overnight shift and was much more interested in sleeping than culminating. Instead, I went the save button route and came back to conclude.

So much has changed since 2009 when I wrote this that it's hard to provide appropriate context.  Obviously most parents with school age children have now found themselves more knowledgeable about what schooling at home looks like.  The Covid 19 shelter in place orders have seen to that.  schooling at home is in some ways different than homeschooling.  I currently have an 8th grader who is home-schooled , a 12th grader who is public schooled and a daughter taking some college classes. Now that everybody is staying at home, my responsibilities towards their school work have not changed at all.  I help my 8th grader with math and I do nothing with the older ones.  When I wrote  the original post they were were 3, 7, and 9 respectively and I was involved with every aspect of their education.

In the coming weeks I will begin to post more here.  I plan to revisit earlier posts as I did today, but mainly I hope to move beyond that.  In June, our homeschooling journey will end as our youngest moves on to public high school.  As the pandemic continues to take its course, our world will adjust to a new normal.  In the same way, our family has been adjusting to a new normal over the past 5 years as our homeschooling has lessened and lessened.  Amid these changes, I have been tempted to change the name of this blog.  I have decided not to yield to this temptation.  The content may be different or perhaps non-existent, but on these pages and in some parts of myself, I shall always be a home school dad.

A to Z 2023 Road Trip

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