They were my kinfolk, my people - many of whom I'm still friends with today, though we've scattered across the country, spilling out in different directions as fast as we could once we'd tossed our graduation caps in the air.

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Monday, January 26, 2015

Crazy Uncle Dave's Sport-O-Rama: Ernie Banks 1977 Baseball Hall of Fame Induction S...

Ernie Banks , arguably the best player the Cubs ever had, died over the weekend.  Here is a link to his HOF  induction speech in 1977.

Crazy Uncle Dave's Sport-O-Rama: Ernie Banks 1977 Baseball Hall of Fame Induction S...

This has special meaning to me. as I was just at the HOF this past Summer to see Frank Thomas inducted.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

21 minute blog salute

One of the reasons why I don't blog as much as I used to, is because it takes so much of my time to type an then retype my posts. I'm a slow typist as it is, and now that I spend most of my work day behind a keyboard, I don't enjoy the prospect of going back home and sitting behind one again.

Another reason why I don't blog as much as I used to, is because since I'm easily distracted, and that tends to suck a lot of my time away and generally after 15 or 20 minutes I have nothing accomplished.

A third reason is that, as someone who is just one step ahead of being special needs and also a perfectionist(a unique but challenging combination)  I often struggle with writers block.

So  for today's post,  I am trying  to conquer those 3  reasons at  the same time.  I am using speech recognition software and speaking this post.  I am only using my keyboard when, for example, the software interprets this post as with both and then interprets with both as with bull  and then interprets with bull as with all.

I also, set my timer for 21 minutes, to avoid the time suck involved. I am also using the Amy plays Balderdash method of blogging.  Which means I am just saying the first thing that comes to my head.  I may edit my head later.

I set the timer for 21 minutes and now have six minutes left.  I'm going to play to the buzzer, but by the small content I have achieved in 15 minutes, you can see what kind of time suck I am up against.

I've been working a lot of overtime at my job lately, which may explain why this is my first post in eight days. It's better than the months at a time absences I usually experience. I am trying to use  some time to expressing myself in blog form at least twice a week.

I am not sure if this speech software will work for me or not. We actually got it for spider droid, so this is just a secondary use of it.

I am currently reading a book.  It is the first book in a mystery series that has Peter Rabbit author (that's the timer but I will finish this thought)  Beatrix Potter as it's protagonist. I read through the historical note at the end of the book today. And I'm going to put this Beatrix Potter quote on the blog masthead.  She said it of her rabbit Peter when he died in 1902. "Whatever the limitations of his intellect or outward shortcomings of his fur, and his ears and toes, his disposition was uniformly amiable and his temper unfailingly sweet. An affectionate companion and a quiet friend."

Well I am past the time I assigned for myself. So I will and now (but first I'll add punctuation).

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Why Homeschool: Carnival of Homeschooling - Change

The 9th anniversary edition of the Carnival of Homeschooling is up at Why Home School.  Congratulations and keep the change!

Why Homeschool: Carnival of Homeschooling - Change: A wise man said " That one of the few constants in life is change ."  Homeschoolers know this.  From the moment they decside to hom...

6 word Saturday:Polar Bear Follies

I can't believe it's been 6 year since Amy and the kids did this at the zoo.  It hasn't been quite 6 years at since I shared a post for 6 word Saturday.  My 6 words are.  "Do it again, do it again!"  Which Wolfina shouts very loud at the end of this video.

For more 6 word Saturday go to Showmyfacedotcom

Friday, January 16, 2015

Home School Dad: Boyhood: A 12 in 12 Review

Yesterday, I started ny review of Boyhood like this.

Home School Dad: Boyhood: A 12 in 12 Review: Boyhood is a movie 12 years in the making.  Written and Directed by Richard Linklater, Boyhood was filmed over a 12 year period with the sa...

I was only kidding about coming back next year.  I will finish off the review today.  In preparing for this view I found this quote from film director and writer Richard Linklater on his IMDBpage ...

 "These days we can be sued for disparaging an industry. It's like it's a felony to say something bad. I think they should make it a felony to criticize a film product. Particularly my film product. It's anti-American. I'd like to see people get sued if they wrote a bad review of my movie. If you can't say something nice you shouldn't say anything at all."

I can say something nice about Mr. Linklater's movie and will. But I guess I might be subject to litigation because my main question while watching this film was "If your going to take 12 years to make a movie, why can't it be better?"

I give Linklater an A+ for effort, To film a movie over the course of a dozen years is a mammoth undertaking. The length of the project was so long that the actors could not be signed to a contract. My wife and I were entrigued by the concept and gladly spent parts of 2 nights watching it. I did not enjoy the movie as well as I hoped to for 3 reasons.

1. The movie seemed to lack continuity and cohesiveness. Sure the family moved a lot and Mason and his sister split their time between Mom and Dad. However, I did not see threads weaving through the movie as a tapestry of 12 years. True, we watched over 2 nights, but it was still very segmented. I guess that's a risk you take when you film in segments, but if this was the epic character study it was intended to be, I would have liked to see more cohesiveness.

2. The movie lacked a sense of humor. It started with one, with the comic relief of a precocious older sister. Now of course the movie dealt with difficult issues, but it is possible to deal with family dysfunction and still have humor intertwined throughout. Robert Redford's Ordinary People is a prime example.

3. For the most part, Boyhood depicts life as hopeless and circular. Now, some people may view life that way. But I don't. It's not necessarily a fault of the film or filmmaker if he feels that way. But since I don't, I can't embrace such despair. It may not be that the film is meant to be hopeless, it could just be my interpretation. At the end of the film,Mason goes off to college meets some new friends takes some drugs and go on a hike in a scenic area. Some people may view this as poignant or hopeful, I do not.

Watch again likelihood 75 to 80 %

This may seem high for a movie that I am panning, my expectations were high for this film, and the concept is novel enough to give it a second look. My wife and I may also be watching the before films soon, as the concept of following the same characters over an extended length of time continues to intrigue us.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Boyhood: A 12 in 12 Review

Boyhood is a movie 12 years in the making.  Written and Directed by Richard Linklater, Boyhood was filmed over a 12 year period with the same actors and actress telling a slice of life coming of age story of Mason from K-12. Each year he revisited the characters and moved along the plot.

Linklater is no stranger to revisiting characters.  As he  made 3 films with Boyhood star Ethan Hawke Before Sunrise 1995, Before Sunset 2004,  and Before Midnight 2013 revisiting the same couple at 9-year intervals.

I am about 1/12th of the way done with my review.  I will be back this time next year with my next installment.

Monday Morning Memories: Remembering Millard

I like to look at my blog stats for old posts that are recirculating.  This post I wrote shortly after the passing of Millard Posthuma in 2009 frequently appears on my top 10 list.  I believe people Google Millard and this post pops up.

Since I wrote this post, Millard's wife Trudy has joined Millard in heaven.  The Posthumas posthumous influence on my life remains strong.  Here is what I said then ...

Home School Dad: Remembering Millard: Millard Posthuma 1916 -2009 Heaven centered living provides own eulogy. I have recently discovered that there is a new blog c...

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Dragon practice

Hi, my name is Dave. But if you read this blog, you knew that. I am not typing this post. I am dictating it to Dragon software. I purchased the software for my sons spiderdroid.  I am just trying it out, to see if it works.  I am a pretty slow typist, and sometimes it is easier for me to dictate my posts to my wife. She is a fabulous typist.  I think sometimes I will use the software to type my blogs. When I  said typist a moment ago, it wrote down type s. When I said it in context,it got it right.

I hope this will help my son  with his writing.  This is working much better than the Dragon app I had with my ipod touch. I lost my iPod touch hospital years ago, that's a different story. Do any of you use Dragon software? How is it working for you?

Well, this was just a practice. I will be reviewing boyhood very soon.  Please check out my daughter's blog Wolfina's Secrets and  her most recent  post, my Christmas vacation.

My name is Dave Roller, and I approve this message!

New Year? 12 New to me movies.

Every year I set a goal to watch 12 movies I have not seen before.  I like movies and often watch the same ones over and over.  So I try to watch movies from time to time that I have not seen.  As many of you know there are 12 months in a year.  I decided to maybe try and add a new movie to watch each month for a year.  I may have accomplished this goal in the past, but I have always failed to chronicle it.  So, this year, I am going to write a post each month about the "new" movie I have seen.

Let me explain the parameters I have placed upon myself.  When I say new movies, I do not mean 12 2015 movies at the theater.  I mean 12 movies no matter how old or young they are.  Well not exactly because since I believe myself to be fairly well rounded, I want to see movies that I have not seen before from differing eras.

Here is how I am doing it: Since I am turning 51 this year, I have lived in all or parts of 52 calendar years.  52 divided by 4 is 13. I am dividing it only by 4 because, I am a big believer in watching movies older than me.  I have divided  the eras in 6 13 year periods, 4 spanning my life time and 2 predating my life time.  I will attempt to watch 2 movies from each era, and report back here each month with a review

The Eras are
2003 through 2015
1990 through 2002
1977 through 1989
1964 through 1976
1951 through 1963
Anything prior to 1950 (The main era would be 1938 to 1950, but this gives me  the freedom to watch movies even older than that)

Over the weekend I watched  a movie called Boyhood.  It came out in 2014 and will be my January selection.  The review should come out some time this week. I am thinking of the Big Broadcast (1932) for the February installment.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Hall of Fame

Branch Rickey

Jackie Robinson

I love baseball.   Last year Spider Droid and I went to Cooperstown to visit Baseball's Hall of Fame.

I wanted to go to see Frank Thomas be inducted.

On way there we stopped at Niagara Falls
Here we are at the entrance.

We also worked toward a family goal of bowling in every state.

I thought of that trip today since the HOF class of 2015 was announced.  Earlier this week I posted my annual list of who I would vote for at my sports blog

Congratulations to Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez, John Smoltz and Craig Biggio on their election.