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"Passive Aggressive. It works for my mother, it works for Duolingo" Luis Von Ahn , co-founder of Duolingo from his TED talk, How to make learning as addictive as social media.

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Pictures of Memories I

Pictures of Memories I
Snow kidding! These "kids" now range from 17 to 23

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


That means that the Carnival of Homeschooling is up at Dave Out Loud.  It's a Reading Out Loud Edition.  It was a lot of fun put together..  I hope you enjoy it.

Carnival Homeschooling: Read Out Loud Edition

The Informed Parent has informed me that February is Library Lovers Month.  She would like me to inform you the same.  Since I am inrareform, consider yourself informed.

Stephanie Hoffpauir, who has all the vowels in her name (my apologies to the sometimes y people) asks Are you paying for a depreciating education?  It is a  summary of a piano teacher's experience with schooled students.

Charleen from Evey Bed of Roses poses (roses and poses, gotta love a little interior rhyme) the question: Winter Nature Study is it Possible? That reminds me, I have never posed for a question.s

Speaking of posing questions, What's the best game you ever played?  Jonathan of Questions and Answers  About Life writes about The Best Game You've Never Played.

Olivia of Need a Nanny? Hire a Nanny.  Have a Nanny? Leave a Nanny (It's actually just Hire A Nanny) discusses Proper Etiquete Rules for any Child, Perhaps Yours.

Susan of Corn and Oil presents the Kellog family adventures in Off the Grid.

Annette of A Net in Time finds spontaneous learning to be the most enjoyable way to teach her son.  In Enjoyment in Teaching she says it leads to information that really sticks into his head.

Chris Shaw of Home School vs Public School checks in with Learning About Government

Just like I have enlisted my family to participate in this carnival, Henry Cate of Why Homeschool has enlisted his daughter to share her college experiences in A typical day of college for our oldest homeschooler.

Ed of Irkitated closes the carnival with How about teaching kids practical skills in school Since he is the last I don't have time for my article, How about teaching bloggers to end their questions with a question mark?

It's been a good carnival, thanks for everyone who participated and all who will drop by. Thanks especially to my family members for doing the interviews. .   Next week's carnival will be at Homeschool Buzz.com . Now here I am to wrap this episode up.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Wolf wallpaper

In real life we have not called Puppy puppy in quite a while. She prefers to be addressed as Wolfina the wolf. She acts like a wolf almost all the time.

So I was not surprised when I took her to the build-a-bear workshop for her birthday that she chose a wolf and even called her Wolfina.

The  "bear" came with a little circular build-a-bear newsletter.  One of the articles was about how to take the box/house which the stuffed animal came in/lives in and make wallpaper with gift wrap.  Now, I am not very crafty crafty at all,  but this actually worked very well

Here are  the before shots:


And here are the after shots


Den Sweet Den

A Six Word Saturday Multimedia Presentation and Shameless Plug

It's Six Word Saturday at Show My Face dot com

Let's do this thing.

Yes I am hosting the Carnival of Homeschooling next week.  Interspersed between
links to homeschooling posts will be videos about the kinds of books and genres of literature my family enjoy.

For more Six Word Saturday click here.  See you Tuesday.  Until then . . .

The Six Word Saturday in Question

It's Saturday (well it's actually very late on Friday but by the time I am done writing this, it will be Saturday.) and time once again for Six Word Saturday at Show My Face Dot Com.  I have decided to use my six words to ask you readers a question.

Here goes .. .

Do you ever break into song?

The other day we learned that a   friend of ours told his wife that he doesn't believe that people ever actually break into song.  My wife quickly  replied that at our house it happens all the time.  Neither Amy nor
 myself will ever be confused with champion crooners.  I can carry a tune in a bucket, but I generally have a better use for the bucket, so the tune suffers.  This doesn't stop us or the kids from spontaneously combusting a tune on a frequent basis.

I grew up in a family that  would break into song at the drop of hat.  When my musical talent was discovered 
it was discovered I had no musical talent, they just made sure that no hats were dropped near me.  In the family we are raising our children , the hats fall with abandon.  We make up songs, make up new lyrics to old songs or just sing it the regular way.

So my question in an I like New York in June fashion, is
how about you?

What are your thought about breaking into song and entering into melody?

To answer my Six Word Inquiry, leave a comment.  To See More Six word entries click here.

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