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Thursday, August 5, 2021

50 left from Twenties

The Online Version of the Baseball Almanac has a very nice feature that shows you the current 500 oldest living people who played major league baseball.  Since November 30, 2018 the title of oldest living player has gone to a former Chicago White Sox.  Tom Jordan held the distinction until his death on 8/26/19, 10 days before his 100th birthday.  Val Helm took over the title upon Jordan's death and held hit 17 days past his 99th birthday on Nember 4th 1919.  Eddie Robinson who I featured in my A to Z challenge on White Sox Homerun hitters has held the record since Helm's death. Robinson  turned 100 on 12/15/2020 and hopes to hold the record for a while.  The nperson in 2nd who turned 100 earlier this year has a fitting name  for the distinction if he outlive Robinson, George Elder.
There are currently 50  former players alive who were born in the 1920's.  As the time passes I hope to give updates on the 50 players on the chart below with further information on the last 50 MLB players who were alive in the 1920's.



Games Played/Teams With


OldestEddie Robinson 1315 games – 7 Teams:( Cleveland Indians, Washington Senators, Chicago White Sox, Philadelphia and Kansas City Athletics, New York Yankees, Detroit Tigers and Baltimore Orioles.)12/15/1920100
2nd OldestGeorge Elder41 games St. Louis Browns3/10/1921100
3rd OldestEddie Basinski203 Games 2 Teams ( Brooklyn Dodgers and Pittsburgh Pirates)11/4/192298
4th OldestTim Thompson187 Games 3 Teams (Brooklyn Dodgers, Kansas City Athletics, and Detroit Tigers)03/01/192497
5th OldestArt Schallock58 Games (New York Yankees and Baltimore Orioles)4/25/192497
6th OldestBill Greason3 games St. Louis Cardinals9/3/192496
7th OldestLarry Miggins43 games St. Louis Cardinals8/20/192595
8th OldestPaul Hindrichs4 games Boston Red Sox8/31/192595
9th OldestBobby Shantz578 games – 6 teams ( Philadelphia and Kansas City Athletics, New York Yankees, Pittsburgh Pirates, Houston Colt 45’s, St. Louis Cardinals, Chicago Cubs, and Philadelphia Phillies)9/26/192595
10th OldestChris Haughey1 game Brooklyn Dodgers10/3/192595
11th OldestFrank Saucier18 games: St. Louis Browns5/28/192695
12th OldestBobby Morgan671 games: 4 teams (Brooklyn Dodgers, Philadelphia Phillies, St. Louis Cardinals, and Chicago Cubs )6/29/192695
13th OldestJohnny Groth1,248 games: 5 teams ( Detroit Tigers, St. Louis Browns, Chicago White Sox, Washington Senators, and Kansas City Athletics )7/23/192695
14th OldestEd Mickelson18 games: 3 teams  (St. Louis Cardinals, St. Louis Browns, and Chicago Cubs )9/9/192694
15th OldestCarl Erskine360 games: Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers12/13/192694
16th OldestJim Willis27 games: Chicago Cubs3/20/192794
17th Oldest
Charlie Maxwell1133 games 4 (Boston Red Sox, Baltimore Orioles, Detroit Tigers and Chicago White Sox)4/8/192794
18th OldestBilly Gardner1,034 games:  6 Teams (New York Giants, Baltimore Orioles, Washington Senators, Minnesota Twins, New York Yankees, and Boston Red Sox)7/19/192794
19th OldestCloyd Boyer113 games: 2 teams ( St. Louis Cardinals and Kansas City Athletics )9/1/192793
20th OldestDave Hillman197 games: 4 teams ( Chicago Cubs, Boston Red SoxCincinnati Reds, and New York Mets )9/14/192793
21st OldestBill Harington58 games: Philadelphia/Kansas City Athletics10/3/192793
22nd OldestBob Kelly123 games: 3 teams (Chicago Cubs, Cincinnati Reds and Cleveland Indians )10/4/192793
23rd OldestTommy Brown494 games:  3 teams (Brooklyn Dodgers, Philadelphia Phillies, and Chicago Cubs )12/6/192793
24th OldestBob Oldis135 games: 3 teams (Washington Senators, Pittsburgh Pirates, and Philadelphia Phillies) 1/5/192893
25th OldestFelipe Montemayor64 games: Pittsburgh Pirates2/7/192893
26th OldestRoy Face853 games:3 teams ( Pittsburgh Pirates, Detroit Tigers, and Montreal Expos)
27th OldestBilly Hunter630 games: 5 teams (St. Louis Browns, Baltimore Orioles, New York Yankees, Kansas City Athletics, and Cleveland Indians)6/4/192893
28th OldestJohn Glenn
32 games: St. Louis Cardinals
29th OldestVito Valentinetti
108 games: 5 teams ( Chicago White SoxChicago CubsCleveland IndiansDetroit Tigers, and Washington Senators)
30th OldestFred Marolewski1 game: St. Louis Cardinals10/6/192892
31st OldestGail Henley14 games: Pittsburgh Pirates
32nd OldestMickey Micelotta17 games Philadelphia Phillies10/20/192892
33rd OldestBob Ross20 games 2 teams Washington Senators and Philadelphia Phillies11/2/192892
34th OldestBill Wilson224 games 2 teams (Chicago White Sox and Philadelphia & Kansas City Athletics)11/6/192892
35th OldestMoe Savransky16 Games Cincinatti Reds1/13/192992
36th OldestGale Wade19 games: Chicago Cubs
37th OldestBobby Kline77 games Washington Senators1/27/192992
38th OldestAl Worthington602 games 5 teams (New York & San Francisco Giants, Boston Red Sox, Chicago White Sox, Cincinnati Reds and Minnesota Twins).2/5/192992
39th OldestMel Held4 games Baltimore Orioles4/12/192992
40th OldestEd Winceniak32 games Chicago Cubs4/16/192992
41st OldestCurt Simmons609 games:  4 teams (Philadelphia Phillies, St. Louis Cardinals, Chicago Cubs, and California Angels)5/19/192992
42nd OldestHank Foiles608 games 7 teams (Cincinnati Reds, Cleveland Indians, Pittsburgh Pirates, Kansas City Athletics, Detroit Tigers, Baltimore Orioles and Los Angeles Angels)6/10/192992
43rd OldestFrank Thomas1756 games 7 teams (Pittsburgh Pirates, Cincinnati Reds, Chicago Cubs, Milwaukee Braves, New York Mets, Philadelphia Phillies and Houston Astros)6/11/192992
44th OldestDon Ferrarese184 games 5 teams ( Baltimore Orioles, Cleveland Indians, Chicago White Sox, Philadelphia Phillies and St. Louis Cardinals)6/19/192992
45th OldestHector Lopez1450 games 2 teams (Kansas City Athletics and New York Yankees)7/8/192992
46th OldestJerry Snyder266 games Washington Senators7/21/192992
47th OldestJoe Pignatano307 games 4 teams (Brooklyn & L.A. Dodgers, Kansas City Atletics, San Francisco Giants and New York Mets)8/4/192992
48th OldestIke Delock329 games 2 teams (Boston Red Sox and Baltimore Orioles)11/11/192991
49th OldestCarl Linhart3 games Detroit Tigers12/14/192991
50th OldestRay Herbert408 games 4 teams (Detroit Tigers, Kansas City Athletics, Chicago White Sox and Philadelphia Phillies)12/15/192991

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