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Friday, October 2, 2009


Martians are from Mars; Venusians, Venus.

Women are different than men, no duh! But men are different than men and women are different than women. So if I want to understand Amy, I don't need to understand all women and then branch out to Amy. I need to understand Amy, her needs, strengths, and intricacies.

Not sure exactly where I am going with this, except to say that interpersonal relationships are best explored individually rather than holistically. I think I have observed this more keenly because both Amy and I are more atypical than typical representatives of our respective genders.

Example: 12 years ago I bought Amy her engagement ring. I had been friends with Amy for about 7 years and we had discussed rings as friends. I knew she liked Emeralds and wanted an emerald engagement ring rather than a diamond. So I brought her an emerald engagement ring. I then went about telling friends and co-workers of my purchase. They were all sure that I had made a dreadful mistake in not buying her a diamond, or in just not letting her choose the ring she wanted. The only dreadful mistake was bringing the subject up with any of them. It turns out that while Amy's taste in engagement rings was atypical, my knowledge of her preferences was accurate. She loves that ring and I am confident that if I would have succumbed to pressure and purchased a diamond ring for her rather than an emerald all I would have communicated to her is that I did not "get" her as much as I thought I did.

So those are my Six words for this Saturday. To see what other word sextets are sweeping the cybernation head over to Show My Face dot com.

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  1. Well done! I had a similar situation. I listened to my then girlfriend when she told me that she did not want jewelry as a gift. Ever. 13 years later I can truthfully say that she just doesn't wear the stuff until the last couple of months, and now it is only the items that she designs and makes herself.

  2. YOUV'E GOT IT!!!

    Women want to be listened to, feel loved and cherished!! But you have got the next step...you have to know the one your with!! Good for you.

    Happy 6 Word Saturday!!

  3. Do you understand,
    sir, what women really need?
    Sorry, nor do I!

    My Six Words

  4. It's always nice when our man knows what we want. Like they say, don't always believe what you hear :o)

    Happy SWS!

  5. Plutonians are from Pluto I guess.

  6. I love that. My husband gave me an engagement ring with a large amethyst and two small diamonds, because I preferred the purple stone.

    Peace and Laughter,

  7. Sounds like you are a brillant man who knows your wife well :)

    Happy Saturday!

  8. I agree. Most people are horrified to hear my husband routinely buys me kitchen things for Christmas. But some of my favorite times are times we spend together in the kitchen. Sounds like you're doing just fine.

    Thanks for playing 6WS!

  9. Thanks Dave, I appreciate you knowing me ;)


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