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Thursday, October 29, 2009

3 Things This Thursday

Thursday is here again. It is so punctual. Here are 3 Things . . .

1. We've had sickness here for about a week. Amy has been well and working. But the rest of us have had flu like symptoms. I don't think it's H1N1 but we've missed church, Awana, dental appointments (scheduled for 3 months and rescheduled in 3 months) and our weekly home school co-op just to be sure. Charlie is still sick and his birthday party is this Sunday. Friday we'll decide if we need to reschedule. By now we are having some pretty good cabin fever. Hopefully, everybody will feel better soon.

2. White Collar (USA)

My wife told me about a show that premiered last week called White Collar. She said it was kind of like Numb3rs without the math. Like Numb3rs and the Mentalist the show revolves around a government agency and an unusual type of analyst they bring in. The analyst in this case is a convicted fraudster played by Matt Bomer. I was familiar with Bomer's boyish good looks, charm and charisma and realized I've been watching him for the past 2 years on Chuck as he played Super Spy Bryce Larkin.

I like this show. I like the chemistry between Bomer and his FBI associate. Their chemistry reminds me of a similar show I used to watch with my Dad in the mid 70's called Switch starring Eddie Albert as the cop, Robert Wagner as the con, and a young Sharon Gless as their secretary.

3. What's wrong with the Church?

A few months ago I got a great title for a blog feature. The problem has been I have not really been able to blog about it successfully. I am having a little trouble fleshing it out. I'm not in my 20's or early 30's anymore so I am no longer trying to describe and solve all the worlds problems. I hope this segment despite it's title is more cure and less diagnosis.

For today let's just say that I'm what's wrong with the church. As a result of the fall there is only one thing that I can do really well. Sin. Anger. Pride. False humility. Jealousy. That's what I bring to the table. Now, the triune God I serve can cover all those things, easy. But when "I" go to church and not "a little Christ" as Christian can be defined, that's when we've got trouble. I know I'm not the only one who can screw up the church but I'm the one I can do the most about.

Let me ruminate more on this and I'll be back again to tell you what else is wrong with the church and what I think can be done about it. Until then, that's 3. I have to go check on the troops.

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